Big Bend – Day 2 (Balanced Rock & Santa Elena Canyon)

After a pretty sunrise at BJ’s –

we headed to the Window View at Chisos Basin (the same place we had dessert on our first night with that amazing sunset).

The girls did some scat studying ending with the conclusion they were looking at javelina scat! (Don’t worry – E is wearing shorts and a skirt there. And AB is spunky dressed as usual as you can see)

We did a lot of driving around because BIBE is soo big! But Betty didn’t mind. She wasn’t pulling Woody through and it was beautiful scenery.

We decided that we needed to test out Betty’s off-roading skills so we took her out on some of the “unimproved roads”. She did great and all the kids loved sticking their head out the window screaming their “yee haws” or pretending to be dogs. E was on the other side so I didn’t catch her.

Betty seemed happy and boy it was HOT out there. It felt AMAZING:

We stopped for a hike to “Balanced Rock”.

AB howled the whole first half. She was hot and hungry and “who cares about rocks balancing!?” She made it clear she didn’t :). A few couples we passed encouraged us that the howling was a normal behavior for 7 year olds new at all this and to just keep enjoying it ALL because someday we would really miss this. I totally agree – so that encouragement really meant a lot to me!

We let AB rest in the only shade we could find for a few minutes then just kept pushing.

RR was still on a high from Lost Mine Trail so he knew this would be easy in comparison! He was a great helper to E and real cute.

Things finally got better for AB when she could SEE the finish line!

She should have just trusted us when we told her it wasn’t far and she could do it. Don’t we all act like that often with our Father? Especially when we are super hot and hungry :). She finally let me put her hair up off her neck and was happy as could be at the top in the breeze!!

(Photo by RR)

We had such a great time at the top exploring around, resting, and enjoying the view. So many different shapes lines, and textures.

AB was her joyful cheerful self the rest of the day and all was well! I love this pic she captured of me & B:

When you ask AB now what her fave part of Big Bend was – she always says Balanced Rock! What a great lesson.

Next we headed down to Santa Elena Canyon and the visitor center there. The kids worked hard on their Junior Ranger books throughout the weekend and part of that was going to each visitor center to study the topics there and get their stamp.

We had to take a pit stop halfway to the Castolon visitor center – which led us to the most amazing view. We didn’t even know that overlook was there until we saw the bathroom sign! I’ll try to never internally roll my eyes when somebody has to go potty, yet again. What a gem we found up there!!!!

The girls took their turns at my camera.


And E:

Great captures huh!?

And on to the canyon! But first — the drive there! Look at this turn:

And then these blue bonnets!!! We didn’t think we’d catch the wildflowers but they were amazing! Pics don’t do them justice.

The canyon was just, wow! I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. It was so beautiful, quiet, and HUGE !!!

The kiddos enjoyed seeing Mexico again – even closer this time. (They tried speaking Spanish to the goats grazing on the bank on the other side but they must have been chomping too loud to hear them).

It was another beautiful, hot, sunny day. After walking out our last bit of energy, we happily off-roaded back home very ready for showers and bed!

It’s so hard to capture how BIG everything is. It may look like small drops and hills in the pics – but in person, phew!

And sorry MomMom but my last pic for Saturday is this guy who was sunbathing himself in the path.

4 thoughts on “Big Bend – Day 2 (Balanced Rock & Santa Elena Canyon)

  1. John Soemer

    Wow!!! These pictures were amazing. I have never been in that part of the country and am amazed at God’s handiwork. Thanks for sharing!1

  2. pamchristofaro3296

    Miss Randy: You have a real chance of becoming a Nat’l Geographic photographer. My good friend Karen named her photography business “God’s Eye”. You have such a gift for capturing God’s beauty – and it sure is glorious! Can’t thank you enough for sharing! ❤️✝❤️

    1. Thanks so much Ms Pam! That means so muCh that others get to enjoy this beauty with us ya!!!! And i love that name – Gods eye!!!!! How are you!? We think of you often. Hugs to you and mr chris

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