Cali Week 2 – Sand to Snow / Cactus to Clouds

I know everybody wants to hear from Mr B – but his post isn’t ready yet. So it’s still me! 🙂

2 weeks down and 2 weeks to go in Cali! We’ve had a great time in Desert Hot Springs / Palm Springs.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed pretty sunrises and sunsets, heated pools, the mineral hot springs, and our neighbors that I mentioned previously! The weather has been sunny and nice and we’re so grateful.

We continue to meet really interesting people. My favorite this week were the Romanians. There’s about 6 families at this park that all are Romanian and most came to America in the 80s. One of the ladies, Maria, told us her story. At the age of 21, she and 2 friends escaped Romania and came to America via a Yugoslavian refugee camp. It was illegal to leave Romania back then so she literally had to escape. Like the Cambodian woman I mentioned last week, Maria is so very thankful to be an American and isn’t ashamed to be bold about it! She and her husband recently went back to visit the Yugoslavian refugee camp where they met. What an emotional experience that must have been to think of what brought them together, how far they’ve come, and how hard they’ve worked.

Another Romanian man sat with us and Maria and very passionately expressed his disdain for communism and socialism. The kids really got an ear full of warnings and lessons (which wasn’t necessary but we appreciated it anyway haha).

It has been a real impactful experience to meet people all over the country who are thankful to be Americans, like we are, and understand what a privilege it is.

Moving on to our 2 adventures this week – we did the Sand to Snow and Cactus to Clouds Trails.

We were so shocked that just 20 miles west of us on the other side of the big snow-capped mountain we always look at, is the San Bernadino National Forest. Right next to this summer-like desert, we got to experience a winter forest!

How cool! Literally .

I’m so grateful we dug out our winter coats and put them in Betty so we could bundle them on over our tank tops.

This area had a big rain event back in February (that created the super bloom!) so there were a ton of mud slides, wash-outs, and it all just looked like a mess but that didn’t stop us from exploring.

Their little river was “raging” (the words of the mountain lady who was the clerk at the general store) so it took us awhile to find a way to cross. RR was so sweet stepping into his leadership position again.

There were all kinds of things to see and that cool mountain air felt awesome. I still can’t get over the diversity in southern cal. Even though there’s a mass migration happening right now as people leave Cali for Texas, we can see why Cali is so expensive and popular. It’s so diverse, huge, and truly beautiful.

We found some snow to play in!

I’m sure you know what RR & AB did:

Until they remembered how cold snow is:

E was happy to work on her little snow buddy:

How fun to get a small taste of winter!

E made sure to get some payback to RR on behalf of sister:

We really love the mountains and we all agree we want to make going to the mountains a more regular part of our “normal” life! (Ms Glenna – we’re coming for ya!)

It really was so gorgeous.

Look at the sun pouring down that side of the mountain:

Sorry for so many pics – but I loved all the scenes and have the hardest time choosing my faves!

I think we’re all still in shock that this was only 20 miles away.

Our 2nd out-n-about adventure for the week was in Palm Springs. The Cactus to Clouds trail!

It was really warm and AB kept looking at all the pools down there. The higher the pool count went, the lower the motivation to keep climbing haha.

It was really a steep and strenuous hike. It was hard but we were feeling so good!

The skies and flowers and breeze were amazing.

About halfway to our goal – AB was really struggling so Daddy B offered to stop. She wasn’t used to being out of breath and I think it scared her. I told them I’d just go to the “first summit” and be right back. I was so happy when sweet E was willing to come with me!

We had such a great time! She has grown so much this trip – mentally physically emotionally spiritually. She blew me away and talked the whole hike up! I was working so hard I couldn’t even breathe much less talk and she just chattered away like it was a stroll in the park! I was so proud of her.

Thank you Lord for the interesting people you’ve let us meet, also for letting us meet some of your people wherever we go, and we thank you for all the beauty we continue to experience!

11 thoughts on “Cali Week 2 – Sand to Snow / Cactus to Clouds

  1. Pam Mullen

    Homeschooling has many advantages. There’s your civics lesson right there! (…passionately expressed his disdain for communism and socialism. The kids really got an ear full of warnings and lessons…) How effective it is to hear from someone who actually suffered through it! Not trying to turn this political, but now when they hear the current news events and all the talk about socialism, they will have a true perspective. What a great experience this year continues to be for your all. Blessings!

    1. Exactly!!! The kids have now heard us and strangers have that conversation or something very similar in every state, I think! Some more passionate than others. I didn’t mention it in the Texas posts – but we even spent time with a family who came (legally) from Mexico to America and now helps on the border by providing clothing and such – but is a strong advocate for doing it all legally and “waiting in line”. We’ve really had some amazing conversations and the kids will remember it because they will have a face to go with it – amazing!!!!!

  2. Debra Slavin

    How amazing to play in the snow one day and be in your short sleeves the next in places so close together!! Saw a huge rock in the snow camp that looked like my kitchen counters!! Love you guys!!!

  3. Hunter Yankee 17

    Wow! Another great post! Christian, Pa, and I are going to the Yankees game on Saturday vs. the Orioles!

    1. Woohoooo that’s gonna be so fun! Uncle b is super jealous. He has always dreamed of seeing all the stadiums 😍💕 maybe someday when we are retired we can catch up with y’all ha !

  4. Old Mother Hubbard & Captain !!

    Love , Love , Love all the pics !!
    I talk about Ya’ll & what You are doing as Family to ALL Of my RVers !!
    You make me Proud , that I know a family that are living their Dream !!
    You are in our Dailey Prayers !!
    Be Safe & Happy Camping !!

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