Another Adventure Begins

September 2018 we were flooded by Hurricane Florence, but more importantly we were flooded yet again with God’s amazing love! He took care of us so well – in too many ways to list in one post.

Right before the storm we knew an adventure was around the corner – we never expected it to be this – but looking back we see His hand in it all and we are so grateful. He perfectly equipped us for this disaster and has used it for good in so many ways.

God is sovereign and Jesus is sufficient. Whenever He allows things to be taken away from us – He gives a greater portion of Himself and the blessings that come with Him. He truly is sufficient! He walked us through this disaster every step of the way start to finish and we are just in awe.

And now another new adventure can begin!

For many years we’ve been praying about an around-the-country adventure and with no house, very little furniture and few possessions – the timing is right!

We know He has so much to show us and teach us, as always, and we are excited! Every day is an adventure with Him!

Thanks for joining us!

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