The Return of Rookie Roadsters

In 2021 we sold Betty the truck and Woody our travel trailer that we used for our all 2019/2020 road adventures.

We made sure to take one last family drive in Betty. She was such a gift and so good to us!

And the kids made sure to give Woody a hug goodbye when he was sold:

I made sure to get a last pic of me in what was my kitchen / our home for 10 special months:

B was having such a busy month at work so he couldn’t break away for a pic but of course he loved him like we all did. Woody was such a gift and we will never forget the amazing memories and adventures the Lord gave us in Betty and Woody!

I can’t believe how fast time has flown these last few years 😱.

But… it’s a new year and we have new adventures ahead!

So let me introduce you to Winnifred 😁 but don’t let that name fool you. She is in great condition, full of spunk and energy, and likes to be called “Winnie”.

We bought Winnie for our own adventures but *moreso* to rent her out to others. We are so excited to share our love of and knowledge from our year on the road and we are SO happy we can help other families experience their own Rookie Roadsters adventures.

Stay tuned! 😁

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