Julian Price Campground – Blowing Rock NC

After Mortimer Campground we headed up to Julian Price Campground in Blowing Rock, NC.

We were earlier than the peak colors but still had some great glimpses here and there:

Before checking into the campground we stopped and had lunch at Price Park Picnic area. Traveling in a truck (and storing the food in coolers) was really so much less convenient than the RV but at least driving around and finding parking was easier!

It was such a great picnic spot!!!

It felt so good to be in the mountains and cool air and pretty colors again:

After lunch we went ahead on our first hike since it wasn’t check in time yet . The trail (Boone Fork Trail) that connects to the campground also connects to the picnic area so off we went!

The yellows were peaking even if the orange and red were not ready yet!

At Hebron Falls area the rock scramblers can really have a lot of fun!

We spent quite a bit of time scrambling all which ways and went almost to the top. I was proud of myself for joining in the fun too 😁 and grateful that B’s knee didn’t act up and felt strong.

After the scrambling part we still had about 3 miles to go and there was a lot of elevation change. I see now looking at the AllTrails map we were going the wrong direction ha . But it was fine – we got to encourage and chat with many hikers that crossed our paths. There were lots of little brook crossings (that were flowing pretty with all the recent rain) so many of us ended up with wet feet and legs 😁 but it was such a fun and beautiful hike!!! I loved it !

AB eating an apple and crossing at the same time haha:

Can you spot B:

Look at this Winnie the Pooh type beehive. It was huge!

So we finished the 5 mile hike, crossed through the campground (and wished we had checked in already and could stop haha) and then we got to the parking area:

🤣. We really do enjoy wearing out the kids 😁. Lots of passerbys empathized with them and cheered for them. It really was a great work out and I loved it ! So proud of these kiddos!

We checked into the campground, got set up, and enjoyed our dinner and s’mores before the rain started:

This campground is in such a good location off the Parkway and near Blowing Rock. The Boone Fork to Hebron Falls Trail that cuts through the campground is so gorgeous (go for the whole loop around – you can do it!). The campground bathrooms were truly *awful* – like out of a horror movie – awful. I’m guessing a lot of hikers break the rules and use them. But there are about 100 spots (no hook ups but yes a water station and dump) with many spots able to fit RVs.

We didn’t even get over to Price Lake that the campground sits next to but I’m sure that would be a great place to kayak or sit and read.

We give this one a thumbs up 👍🏻🥰

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