Mortimer Campground – Collettsville NC

(Feb 2022: I’m writing this blog now and backdating it because I forgot to post it after we did this trip!!! So Fall 2021 – we had sold Woody the travel trailer and hadn’t yet decided to buy Winnie our Class C. So for our fall getaway we tried a weekend of tent camping . 😯 The kids and B have done quite a bit of tent camping but Mommy – not so much.)

After enjoying the Asheboro Zoo with our homeschool group, and then a quick visit to Aunt Penni’s horse farm in Tennessee:

our first tent spot was Mortimer Campground on the edge of the Pisgah National Forest.

The kudzu in the area by Penni’s really is intrusive and a negative – but I think it’s so beautiful !

Since we were coming from Tennessee we entered Route 90 at the Linville area and headed east to Mortimer. Forgive me – did I say “route” ? I meant to say winding dirt path 90 haha. I guess our first clue of how far out this was going to be was that Apple Maps didn’t have it listed and we had to use coordinates.

The GPS stopped working as soon as we got on the road … but I knew it was only 14 miles from Linville to the campground so I told everybody we could wait to get snacks drinks and they could “hold it” until we got to the campground bathrooms. I thought it would be 14 minutes. Well woops – it was a slow drive. See above pics. It was at least 40 minutes. We were just about to have to make a pit stop on the side of the road…but we took a corner and were finally there !

With just enough daylight to put up the tent:

After driving in the middle of nowhere, at the edge of the Pisgah, we thought for sure it would be a secluded and quiet campground and campsite. Nope. There was about 18 spots and they were all right on top of each other without even any trees or bushes to separate. This would really be a great place to bring a group of 18 families or friends! But it was a disappointment to what we were picturing.

We made the best of it and we were eventually able to tune out our neighbors laughter, music, and snoring. (FYI there are no hook ups here.) There were flush toilets and sinks so we could use the bathroom and brush teeth so we were grateful for that. It’s so different camping without an RV. I know – I’m spoiled.

We got these sleeping pads and the girls enjoying filling up the bag and then rolling the air into the pad:

We enjoyed the fire for a bit and we appreciated they had fire rings – but there was just too much neighbor noise so we headed in:

We all slept great this first night and I was so grateful my body (and neck in particular!) didn’t hurt. We woke up nice and early and didn’t worry about being too quiet since all our neighbors didn’t worry about being too quiet at night time haha jk 🤣 . I really enjoyed doing my Bible study outside by lamp:

One one side we did have this view so that was a positive!

There are LOTS of hikes all over this area of NC and 2 trails right from the campground (use the AllTrails App!) .

I recommend hiking nice and early at this campground because we finally got some alone and quiet time by going first thing.

It was a short walk to the waterfall and it really was relaxing and pretty.

I really do love the cooler refreshing air of the mountains and the GREEN and the sound of waterfalls and brooks!

I have a hard enough time just walking on rocks and cleared out paths but the kids are always trying to find the most dangerous obstacles to climb over across or under ha:

I love finding hearts ♥️

Look at those orange mushrooms. They were really big!

Twins with the tent all laid down and ready for roll up:

So that was Mortimer Campground. We could have gone to lots of other hikes in the area but we had to skedaddle. I would say if you’re a tent camper or have a smaller RV (35 feet or less) and are in the area – go for it! . I think being able to experience the quiet hikes and waterfalls is worth the $25 to stay here closer to them. But the roads to get to it may be difficult if you’re pulling something. 😲 Coming in from the east was better!

Just have the right expectations that it won’t be a private campground / site. But there are so many waterfalls and hikes in this area – and one review even said a beach and clear water 🤷‍♀️. I think maybe it was on the other side of the road and we missed it. There was a cute little country store with basics (water, firewood, s’mores stuff, etc) right around the corner otherwise it’s 45+ minutes to civilization so prepare accordingly.

Mortimer – you were pretty cool 😁.

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