Fall 2020 Trip – Finale

What an amazing vacation we had in October. It was truly one of the best vacations we’ve had and we loved getting B all to ourselves for 2 whole weeks. We had great conversation, lots of fresh air, lots of laughter, great exercise, and rest! I’m so grateful for how the Lord worked out all the logistics once again and for the opportunity to “get away” from the normal routines and explore together.

After Cumberland Gap, we had to re route because of massive rains coming so we went straight to the Thousand Trails at Lenoir and hunkered down. The fog on the drive over the mountains wasn’t fun!

Again we weren’t impressed with Thousand Trails – the lay out at this campground was even crazier than most … but at least it’s free with the annual membership! While we waited on the storms to pass we played lots of board games, enjoyed hot chocolate and treats, and Daddy even played barbies for the first time lol . Woody really heats up well and we were thankful for the dry and warm snuggle spot he was for us! It got so heated in there we had to open up windows and put on shorts ha:

The flash flooding that can happen in the mountains is crazy. The pic above is the road to the bath house all washed out.

When it all cleared – we went to Goodwill to find some boots for our trip to Aunt Pennis farm! The Lord worked it out as only He can and there were perfect and inexpensive boots waiting for me and the girls (and we found some for RR across the road at Walmart):

And then finally we were off to our grand finale of the trip – my Aunt Penni’s in Tennessee which we’ve been wanting to get to for years. I’ve always lived far away from aunts and uncles so I have really enjoyed the way the Lord has given us chances to connect with my aunts and uncles recently!

We loved her farm house. I loved her porch, all her decor and antiques. And what a great hostess she is! She made us feel so welcome and special:

B and I even got our own little spot:

Aunt Penni raises miniature horses and has a handful of dogs as well so the kids were SO happy! They love animals so much and just had the best time!

We enjoyed looking at old coins with Aunt and Uncle, learning some family stories, and made homemade apple sauce which was SO good! We loved using a drill and finger peeler to peel the apples!

The girls enjoyed helping in the kitchen and we ALL enjoyed all the good food. Omgoodness I had my first ever sausage gravy biscuit – it was so good. B has been trying to get me to try one for years. I’m glad I waited for this one!

I loved seeing *2* of my aunts and their hubbies and being able to encourage each other in the Lord

It was really a perfect ending to our travels and we were so grateful for the warm hospitality despite the cold temps …. and the chance to be around kin!

I couldn’t believe when we looked back at this picture how Layla dog had plopped herself with us. She almost came home with us !! But B and I don’t feel peace yet about getting another dog:

On this trip though we did feel peace about selling Woody and Betty. It will be hard to see them go … they were so perfect for our trip around the country and to be our home all last year … but they are too big for what we need and want now. We think the Lord’s leading us to sell them and we want to obey that nudge. As always we know He has many new adventures ahead for us and will reveal in His time.

If this indeed was our last trip in Woody – it was such an amazing finish! We are just so thankful!!!

After this trip our kids have now:

  • Touched 29 states
  • Earned 39 Junior Ranger Badges
  • Visited 13 of the 61 national parks

Thanks for following and for all your prayers! As 2020 closes we pray that all of you have peace in your hearts and hopeful anticipation of the adventures the Lord will bring your way in 2021! God is sovereign and Jesus is sufficient for all that will come our way. He promises to take care of His people and use all things for our good. With Him every day can be an adventure!

This was given to us at the start of our trip from a special friend!

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  1. Oh my! Their farm is so gorgeous! Makes me want to move to Tennessee… Like tomorrow!
    I took a super long blog break, so I have some major catching up to do. I look forward to reading all about your trip in the days and weeks to come. We miss you friends!

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