Life Update & A Lesson From the Road

For those that haven’t heard… after 9 months on the road full time….and 6 months of living at our parent’s houses….. we are under contract on a house back here in the kiddos’ “hometown” area of Brunswick County. πŸ™‚

(This is my fave pic from my fave place in our home county. Be ready to see a lot more of these!!!)

We close on the 22nd of January, Lord willing.

It’s been an amazing journey the last 2 months watching the Lord lead B and I in this process. We were both seeking Him so earnestly and wanting His will. We waited on each step (not always patiently on my part) until our hearts were linked and we both felt the same leading along the way. What great practice in adventuring together! We are truly excited and thankful and just amazed once again at how HE knows best. He is trustworthy! And He does lead His children in such a personal and beautiful way if we have ears to hear.

We haven’t given up on traveling! I think we will always be travelers now… and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lord sends us on another big Roadster adventure sooner rather than later…but one lesson we learned on the road is what a gift it is to have a home base.

Something we talked about on the road a lot as we lived the wandery-life was “home”. We have many homes…NJ, Rocky Mount, Leland. But during the flood and then the road trip…we were really given a glimpse of the truth that no place here on earth is our forever home.

Nothing here lasts forever and our true and eternal home is waiting for us. Jesus is preparing a place for each of us who have accepted His gift of love! What a gift to remember that daily…

And yet… even as we wait for that… He gives us glimpses of home. And gives us the blessing of a home base.

Yesterday I had a skin procedure done and as they were cutting me, I talked about the road trip and life. (Thank God for quality and effective numbing shots! I just chatted away as they cut away at me lol.) I ended the story telling them how we’re under contract on a house now… and the doctor and the nurse both said… “wow. so after all you’ve seen and all those beautiful places you described… you are coming back to Brunswick County.”

I responded… “Yes. Isn’t that amazing? Like I said… our perspective has changed a lot through the flood and road trip. We have learned that people and relationships are the most beautiful thing in the world. We are ready to be back with our people.

They were so quiet after that, just giving a “hmm”.

And so here’s the first road trip lesson I want to share that I pray we will always keep in our hearts:

The Lord is clear… we are His masterpiece. I learned this deep at Antelope Canyon. People are his master-piece. A piece of the Master… like nothing else in Creation.

Despite how imperfect we are and how hard relationships can be and how we annoy and disappoint each other…. relationships with people, flawed and imperfect people, are the best and most beautiful thing the Lord offers on this earth for us to enjoy, be changed by, and to work on for His glory.

Not for our glory, for His glory.

People are not the place where we find our value.

Relationships are not important just for what they give to us.

But relationships are truly a gift and we were designed for relationship. With Him and with each other.

Our family was loved-on so incredibly well during the flood and the aftermath…. and then as soon as we got back in December, the Lord sent helpers. Even though we hadn’t seen each other in a year…. beautiful people came to get the kiddos out of the house today and yesterday so I could heal and the kids could be blessed with time with friends like they’ve been yearning for so badly. I feel undeserving in many ways… but that’s Gods grace.

I am sure the Lord will give us opportunities to pay forward the blessing of serving others again. I haven’t been in a position to serve my friends in over a year and as I sit laying here yet again receiving help… I just rest. I have confidence that the Lord will give me opportunities to be the GIVER again and not just the receiver.

We are so grateful to be back to a home base. To be around our people…for however long the Lord will allow!

Come on over folks! Can’t wait to have you! πŸ™‚

P.S. With this lesson in mind… B and I have decided to be off social media for the year. We desire to truly pursue even more authentic and deep relationships and connections in person. Social media was such an amazing gift during the flood…. but for this year we don’t want to settle for what’s good. We want to pursue Gods best in this area. Keep you posted on how it goes. Is it possible anymore in our society to be connected without social media!? We will see πŸ™‚

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