2019 Slideshows

These took me WAY too long and it was a fight with the computer and websites the entire time… but they’re finished! 🙂   They aren’t perfect but I know they will be keepsakes for us for a long time!

Here’s our favorite scenes around America (30 minutes!) :

And here’s the FULL version with pics of us included (90 minutes)!

They are set to music so it didn’t seem as long to us.  We had the best time watching and laughing and remembering together.  It was really just what I needed and have been yearning for since we never really got the closure and reflection time at the end of the trip like I wanted.

What.an.amazing.year.     It’s truly overwhelming to think of all we got to see and experience.  I have so many thoughts to share of lessons learned from the road… but I realize it’s not a rush.  I am already finding that the fruit from this season is going to be so long-lasting.  The lessons and experiences are in us and won’t go away as I might have feared.

Just for one example – we had a great time in Psalms together this week and I love how we had visuals from the road to parallel what we discussed.  We discussed chaff vs. strong trees planted by the river (Psalm 1) and right away what came to mind was the contrast between the dusty dry tumbleweeds we saw blowing any which way throughout the desert…. vs….. those gorgeous sturdy lush trees by the water in Glacier.    We so want to be the sturdy trees rooted deeply and well nourished by the Living Water.

We love you all!  Happy 2020!!!

5 thoughts on “2019 Slideshows

  1. Wendy L. Hemphill

    Absolutely a spiritual work of God.
    Thanks for the tears and smiles through this incredible honor to our God and our beautiful nation.
    Nice music choices. Loved them

  2. Pam Mullen

    Oh-My-Goodness!!! So amazing. I must admit I just took a sneak peak and skipped through a lot for now. But will definitely save this and watch the whole thing as I have time. What blows me away is the difference in the children from beginning to end. How they have grown and changed through the year. I’m so glad you are putting down roots again…for now anyway! I thoroughly enjoyed traveling along with you. Praise to The Lord for his great hand of protection over you during this adventure. And I know he is pleased with how you gave all the honor and glory to Him all along the way! Love to you all.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m honored anybody would even watch a portion of it haha. You’re so right – I feel like we left for the trip at one stage of parenthood and came back to such a different stage 😢😍. They’ve grown so much. Thanks for the love prayers and encouragement ! We are blessed

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