The Florida Keys – Part 1 – SugarLoaf KOA

The 1st of the year – we set off on our 1st adventure in Winnie!

On the way to the Keys, we stopped for a night at the Titusville KOA which was a great stop:

It was so great to be out in the warm night air under these beautiful trees and stars:

The squirrels there are definitely used to visitors feeding them:

I love that at the KOAs there’s always somebody to welcome you and guide you straight to your site. They are often super convenient to the highway and just a safe and easy stop over.

(For those who don’t want to spend the money… Cracker Barrel and Walmart are good places to park for free but call ahead or check your camping apps because it’s not allowed at every location)

It really was enjoyable and fun riding in Winnie! It’s nice to have enough room to lay out their Bibles and journals and the chance to switch places and positions:

It’s funny to see the gas station out your bedroom window:

Florida is sooo long. Once we hit the Keys, we still had 2 and a half hours to go because we were staying in Sugarloaf (about 30 minutes east of Key West).

We enjoyed the views from Winnie and were so grateful to B for his 2 full days of driving!

We booked this trip at the last minute so we had no chance to get a spot at any of the state parks which would be our first choice…but we were SO grateful they had an available spot at the newly opened SugarLoaf KOA. This was such great resort KOA. Definitely a splurge for us but it was such a great vacation spot!

The pool area was great with a little restaurant and bar and live music. There’s a nice pool and hot tub. I love all the palms and landscaping!

And hammocks and propane fire pits and corn hole:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an RV pulling a boat but it would be so cool to bring your own boat here because there’s a launch and marina and the Keys really are best for boaters!

We had our inflatable paddle board so B was able to just walk it right over to the marina and put in:

One night B and E took the paddle board out and she caught this great sunset. They were looking for the famous orange iguana on the mangrove island across from the marina but didn’t spot it.

(Make sure to bring a bright flashlight to the marina at night and look for creatures. We found a squid and a barracuda)

There’s a tiny little beach with some inflatables in the water for the kiddos:

It really was a great resort and everything’s new and taken care of and clean. It was expensive but such a great vacation for us!

Stayed tuned for more posts on the Keys…

6 thoughts on “The Florida Keys – Part 1 – SugarLoaf KOA

  1. Deanie Hurst

    So happy you got to get away. Pictures are wonderful as well as the description of what you have seen. It’s funny because I am from the other Titusville in Pennsylvania, the home of the first oil well. The keys are so amazing but such a long drive even from Miami. Miss you all. Prayers and love,

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