Florida Week 4 – Sea World

Saturday we enjoyed Sea World with MomMom and it was such an amazing day that it deserves its own post!

We spent the *whole* day there and braved the cold temps (50s) (Pa is rolling his eyes). We felt like we were in this Antarctica exhibit the whole day haha

(All kinds of fun happening in this exhibit)

(These penguins crack me up)

We didn’t spend a lot of time planning ahead but everything worked out so perfect. We saw every show, road every ride (wow Sea World has changed a lot in the last 16 years!) and even saw them feeding the dolphins and sea lions when we “just so happened” to arrive at both exhibits exactly at feeding time – so perfect !!!

(Seeing the manatees in the wild was way better but this under water view is just great)

(Amazing … and controversial…. but not to AB!….killer whales)

(lunch time! Look at the one raising his hand . He was our fave)

I must admit I found myself weeping during the dolphin show. For the majority of my life (besides a few years when I told everybody I wanted to be the US ambassador to Australia ) I was absolutely convinced and determined that I would be a marine mammal trainer when I grew up. My college choices were based on who had the best marine science program and I was *THIS* close to going to U of San Diego to study marine science and work at Point Loma Navy Base for the US Navy Marine Mammal Program.

I have no doubt the Lord redirected my heart and plan purposefully and perfectly and I’m so grateful! But seeing that show brought to the surface that yearning and determination I held tight my whole life and I felt the loss of that dream all over again.

I am totally convinced the Lord planted that dream in my heart and that in heaven I will be performing shows with the dolphins for King Jesus!!! 🙂 I have no doubt I’m now exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I was called to do! Even though dolphins would have been easier to train I wouldn’t trade the roles I have now for anything! 🙂

I wrestle a lot with seeing animals in captivity now. Even though I know Sea World does amazing work in the wild to protect, rescue, rehab, and release animals — it’s hard to see them in captivity. I know that generations of children love animals and want to take care of them because of their trips to Sea World and other zoos – but I don’t think I would have had peace working there. The end doesn’t justify the means – type of thing.

It’s going to be SO much better in eternity when we’re all together in peace, with no fear of harming each other, free to be exactly who we were made to be and putting on performances for the One who it’s all created by and for! I am content to wait… and in the mean time the kids and B can just put up with my boo hoo-ing like a baby when I see dolphins :).

It was so beautiful to see my girls fall in love with them just like I did. E now wants to join the ministry in heaven – she’ll be the choreographer for the dolphin show.

AB now wants to be a trapeze artist over dolphins (On the moon)! Hehe

RR has a huge love of animals so this was just a perfect day for him – and seeing Jack Hanna in person was a great surprise! I can’t believe they even had flamingos parading down the aisles – it was too funny. And seeing an echnida in person ! Wow what a treat . They are the only mammals besides platypus (playtypi?) that lay eggs. They are native only to Australia.

I can see the Lord calling RR to be a zoologist / park ranger type thing. I’m even praying that as we adventure in the wild this trip – he will have some dreams for his future planted in his heart .

B loved all the rides – even went on one by himself. 🙂

MM was happy to be with us… and thinks this is a heat wave compared to the negative temps she’s about to have to endure 🙂

(Clearly the carousel was RR’s fave ride of the day)

I was truly amazed at how good the training was here. The Pets Ahoy show with birds ducks mice cats dogs pigs skunks – just amazing !

Amazing octopus

The Lord is just so creative ! So many different kinds of creatures and wow such distinct features.

It was just such a great day which was perfect timing because the next day it rained for 24 hours straight and as you may be able to imagine – we just have issues with rain this year :). We only want one day of rain a month on this trip! It was not a pleasant or easy day haha . Lucky MomMom was here to enjoy the “adventure” of that with us as well. Ha .

This is our last week in FL. What a great month it’s been!

4 thoughts on “Florida Week 4 – Sea World

  1. What luck you all had! 🙂 Once again you took some absolutely wonderful pictures and I’m enjoying the stories you’re sharing. One of the penguin pictures reminded me of Lovelace, the character played by Robin Williams in Happy Feet. 🙂 How sweet that the girls want to join in on the dolphin training in heaven <3

    Love your posts! Can't wait to see what adventures await 🙂

  2. Gary & Deanie Hurst

    Way to Go RookieRoadsters!
    Deanie and I are loving your adventures and are always looking for the next post! I loved seeing the looks of amazement on the gangs faces at Sea World.
    Deanie and I are trying to plan an adventure of our own to Ireland this year “on the cheap” if possible while we can still walk, see and hear. Well while I was doing my research I came across another family of 6 that has a blog site that might be fun for you guys to check out just in case you have more than one rainy day a month. I suspect they might make good “pen pals”. Opps I forgot there aren’t pen pals anymore. Would that be a Blog Buddy? Whatever check it out and let me know what you think.

    1. Thanks for the love Gary and Deanie ! I just made sure to follow that family’s blog and Instagram too yay – thank you! 😊. Hope to hear about your Ireland plans soon 💕

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