Cali – Week 3 – A “Normal” Week

This 3rd week in Cali was a quiet week of school and work…. and play with our neighbors! We love getting our school / desk work done well before lunch so we can spend lots of time at the pool or at a park.

Here are some highlights from the week. 🙂

We got to experience an amazing jam session 3 doors down that I will always remember. It was a true gift to be placed close to this couple who regularly play their bass and guitar. One night this week we finally went to their little circle and sat with them instead of listening from Woody! The girls were a bit timid but eventually warmed up and participated in “Down By The Bay”.

After playing for a bit, some other former professional musicians happened to be in the park and found Gary and Elise here – so they all came over for a “jam session”! I looooved it. We all love music so much! The girls have been playing their ukelele and keyboard a lot more since that night.

We felt like we were back in the mountains of NC! Or maybe just on the Beverly Hillbillies. We recently introduced the kids to that show in honor of being in California 🙂 !

This man with the harmonica reminded us of Peepa so much that it might have formed a tear in the eye! See you soon Peepa!

We had so much outside and play time this week! I’m now forever spoiled in regards to warm sunny weather.

Beach toys work well in desert sand too:

RV parks are very different since there’s not a lot of room between neighbors, like at state or county parks. It’s just a very different experience. But we have been so fortunate to have great neighbors at all the stops. These neighbors here have been our fave and clearly the Lord brought us together! (This is the family that is so similar to us and lost their home in the paradise ca wildfires.) It’s been a real blessing.

We’ve enjoyed playing in the pool with them, riding bikes,

and going out to local parks. This one in Palm Springs was so nice! $$$$$ They must work so hard to get and keep that grass so green in the desert.

That park had a beautiful little rose garden too and they smelled so good.

We’ve even learned that you can absolutely have a family over for dinner in an RV! We had tacos at our place one night and pizza at theirs. How nice to just walk a few steps to get to your friend’s place:

We will be going our separate ways soon but it’s really been a blessing to have crossed paths!

We really enjoy the pace of this life and have found a good rhythm of work and play…. of familiar daily routines and new adventures. I’m grateful the Lord knows us so well and knows what’s best for US! We know other “full time families” that just go go go from place to place but for our family – this schedule of being places 2 weeks or a month at a time really is what’s best. The Lord surely had this all planned out ahead of time haha… of course! 🙂

Here are some more pics from our “normal” week.

Riding bikes:

Swimming with ducks:

Playing in the sand dirt:

1 on 1 with E:

Using special treat money from MM & Pa right away:

Continent building with animal crackers:

RR has been working furiously the last week on a project he thought of. He’s been studying all the states’ land masses and populations. He calculated and discovered some very interesting facts. I will report them to you soon! 🙂

Some views from my walks in the neighborhood:

Today we are leaving for a weekend excursion to San Diego – the place I ALMOST went to college :).

Love you all! Miss you. Thanks for following!

6 thoughts on “Cali – Week 3 – A “Normal” Week

  1. Pam Mullen

    Hey girls, Your grandma and I had to sleep in the top bunk of the camper trailer when we were your size (back in the day!) Memories!!! Have fun. Aunt Pam

  2. Debra Slavin

    I don’t think we had that much headroom in our bunk!!!
    Loved the music…..counting down the days!!!

    Love to you all
    Gramma & Peepa

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