MomMom & Pa Visit – Williams, Bearizona, & Blazin M Ranch

We had such a great visit with MomMom & Pa while Daddy B flew back to NC for work and Uncle Fly’s wedding!

Waiting for them to arrive on Friday – the minutes were just creeping by so we entertained ourselves with school work, cleaning, playing and making pretend commercials for travel trailers:

Finally they arrived!

And we went right out for some exploring and fun. Elroy here gave Pa and the kids a tour of Williams.

And the kiddos got to see Williams from above:

Just being with MM & Pa is such a gift – they are as sweet as all the treats they like to get for us:

On Saturday – we had some morning adventures in “Radiator Springs” (and more sweet treats). The girls love when MM comes for every reason – including that she braids their hair!

And RR is so thankful Pa keeps him going all day long. Bike rides, playing catch, walking. I love the time they get together. On the boys bike ride adventure on Sat morning they saw Lizzie’s and Mater’s siblings!

and then we were off to Bearizona!

We loved the little black bears. They were soooo cute chasing each other in circles around and up the trees. Grizzlies are scary to me but black bears just seem so huggable haha. Don’t worry I won’t get any ideas. These are all black bears even though some are cinnamon colored.

I love watching them slice and eat the fruit

And this big girl lounging in the water trough was so me:

How adorable are porcupines and hedgehogs and badgers!?

I have never seen an owl this big!

And I loved the pea-hen standing in line for food

Feeding otters was so great because they are SO cute! Aren’t they adorable!?

I love the way they use their paws

If we didn’t love animals so far – this road trip has made it impossible not to!

The Lord’s creativity and diversity and how adorable He makes creatures just makes us smile so big!

Really !!! Animals seem to be a constant these last 4 months. Zoos, sanctuaries, farms, wild life! We have loved all the animal time we’ve had so far.

Look at E saying ohhhh they are sooooo soft and fluffy:

oh! something else about the black bears. They always sleep and rest with one body part on a tree so they could easily climb up in an emergency. It was most often their leg touching. Look at him with his leg thrown up there haha:

Did you know Red foxes aren’t all red? Some are “marbled” (white).

I’m excited to see bison in the wild as we head north

but I never want to see wolves in the wild! At least this close (this is an Arctic wolf so we won’t see his kind for sure haha):

These type of deer look so much like kangaroos to me. I loved them!

We met Eeyore! Is that a smile I see!?

Bearizona was a great park and we love how happy all the rescue animals seem. Some of these animals were rescued from their mother’s womb as she died from getting hit by a car, some were orphans for various reasons or mistreated and rescued, and there was even a retired circus bear.

This wildlife park really seemed to care for the animals well. We have really found some amazing animal parks on our journey!

After that fun morning, we headed back to Route 66 for lunch:

That night we went to the Sedona area (Cottonwood) for a cowboy dinner and show at Blazin M Ranch. I want this sign to hang on the outside of Woody:

The ranch was AB’s fave part of the weekend. She may just grow up to be a cowgirl.

E and her loved playing on the horse. They really want a horse for Christmas, Daddy B. A real one 🙂 .

And interacting with even more animals:

Pa and RR galavanted on their own but we did catch them on the tractor pull:

It was a good cowboy meal complete with prickly pear coleslaw and flying biscuits

And we all loved the music and show especially the yodeling and the steel guitar. The “Tairy Fale” was so funny – I loved it! AB loved the finale with the fast ghost rider.

If you’re in the area – it really was a fun experience.

Oh! And make sure to check out the animated wood carving displays. They were incredible.

Thanks for following along!

4 thoughts on “MomMom & Pa Visit – Williams, Bearizona, & Blazin M Ranch

  1. Kate kitchen

    I do loved all this!!!! Wow,! So nice to see beautiful, well-behaved, kind kids. They are so happy? Gee, guess where that positive attitude came from? 🤩

  2. Becky

    The kids are looking so grown up to me! The visit with your mom and dad looked great. I love all the fun things you did. Can’t wait to show Charlie and Lizzy all the pictures, especially the Route 66 pictures ❤️ We miss you all. Hugs to everyone.

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