Afternoons at the Arches

After the “cool” spell that allowed us to spend the day at Arches last Sunday …. it really got too hot to enjoy anything active during the day…. so this week we had a great routine of working and playing around Woody for the morning and then going to Arches late afternoon each day!

This is such an advantage to staying so close to the park! We can rarely stay IN a park because there isn’t enough cell service for B to work. But we loved staying so close to one and hope to do it more! B didn’t miss any adventures and as soon as work was over we could be at the park in 5 minutes.

Like I talked about last time, if you’re in the shade the weather really is bearable even though it’s so hot…. because the humidity is so low! So as B worked, we spent time in the shade of Woody’s awning (which though still broken on one side is holding up well!) doing school work and playing:

And spent lots of hours at the pool:

During our afternoon / night adventures we explored…

Balanced Rock (isn’t it wild looking!?) :

The Windows:

Turrets Arch:

Look at The Windows (or spectacles) through Turrets:

And just beautiful views from everywhere:

I love this look between B and E:

On this night RR totally forgot to put on socks and shoes and to get out of his bathing suit (he’s in the middle of a great book!) so he was cracking himself up:

(Blame the quarter book sale we found in Moab)

I have always loved summer nights! You can almost hear the nature all around you sighing with relief as the cooling off starts after a hot day. I love Sunset time being right at bed time. Open car windows and Mommy driving everybody nuts with her singing. Love it!!! I think these are some of my fave life moments.

Panoramic Viewpoint (where we saw our 2nd proposal of the trip! The first was at Lone Rock):

Then Park Avenue:

Look at all the fun swirls and designs on that hike:

And the artsy pics taken by the Lil Rookies:

One of our fave stops was at Double Arch. Something about the acoustics or design or something reminded us of a cathedral / church building. It was enormous and sitting in its shade was so beautiful:

Pastor Brandon at the pulpit 😊:

The girls and RR found all kinds of cubbies and hide outs they love to sit in. See if you can spot them in each pic:

And then to the famous Delicate Arch! But first the very hot and steep climb to it:

Such a hot and good work out! But then so worth it to see that beauty!

Did you know places like this existed in America!?

Which do you think is your favorite arch or hike of these popular ones?

I can’t believe next week we celebrate our 6 month anniversary of being on the road! I am working on interviewing each of the kids and B and will post their reflections and thoughts at this point. What questions do you have for them or for me!?

Thanks for coming along with us. It was a fantastic week and I can’t wait to share next what we did for the weekend!

7 thoughts on “Afternoons at the Arches

  1. Gary & Deanie

    Wow I never knew this place was out there! When are u going to publish your Rookie Roadsters Tour book?
    We miss you guys!
    Gary and Deanie

  2. Sara

    I’m loving seeing America through your eyes! I’ve learned about so many amazing places I didn’t know existed. This is one of the most intriguing parks to me so far. I also want to look more into the CA stop that you could swim and see snow within 30 mins.

    1. Thanks friend! Yes 2 of my fave spots too. It’s all just amazing !!! America is so beautiful. The California one is Desert hot springs and San Bernardino Mountains! 💕😊

  3. Awesome, amazing, incredible! I want to go to Double Arch and maybe Delicate Arch. How far was that hike? Where was the 25 cent book sale? And what book is R reading that he can’t put down?

    1. Double arch was easy peasy and right there by the parking lot . Delicate was a hard climb in one section and HOT but totally do able 😊 young legs can just take a break .

    2. Oh and the .25 book sale was at the thrift store in Moab! (Funny name so I can’t remember it…. but it will come up when you type thrift store hehe) and I also can’t remember the book at that time he couldn’t put down (there’s always one!) 💕😊

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