Idaho Falls – Potatoes, Grass!, The Greenbelt, and The Museum Of Clean

Our week in Idaho Falls has been great. It seems to be a place where people stop as they are headed elsewhere… which is what it was for us. We just needed to break up the trip from Salt Lake to Glacier. B had a good week at work and the kids and I found plenty to do. Our RV park (Snake River RV) was right near the Greenbelt which is what they call their river walk. It’s a beautifully laid out bike and walking path. Here are some pics from our family bike ride one evening:

We found plenty of playgrounds around the Greenbelt:

And yes, our time in the desert definitely has made me part cow because I can’t even express how much I love grass right now. Isn’t it gorgeous!?

I’ve been barefoot-grass-walking as much as I can this week and I’m happy as a lark. I’ve now decided toes in the grass is equally as necessary as toes in the sand! I also find myself sitting just staring at grassy fields. What in the world!?? haha Who would have thought !?

Our grass in NC was always quite sandy since we were so close to the coast so Mr B has some work cut out for him on our next house cuz now I realize —- !!! We always had the best grass growing up in the Garden State… so soft ! I’m not even sure that type will grow in NC. Anyway – I love grass!! When the RV park maintenance workers came and cut the grass, I just about cried smelling that beautiful fragrance! It always reminds me of my childhood.

Ahhh…it’s the little things!

Moving on… 🙂

Yes, there are lots of potato fields in Idaho! We went down to a potato cafe and got fresh baked potatoes and some French fries. They were so good. The kids gobbled it all up fast! The fries reminded me of our favorite ones from Delaware – Thrashers.

I also let them try some local drinks. We got Outlaw Orange Cream, Snake River Sasparilla, and High Mountain Huckleberry. Huckleberry is my new favorite ice cream flavor! We have had that twice now – once in Salt Lake and once in Idaho Falls and it was amazing both times!

This was hilarious but we also went to The Museum of Clean in Pocatello. The gentleman who started this museum had a very popular and successful cleaning business all over the country and was a spokesman for housekeeping secrets and routines (even being on many popular talk shows and news shows over the years). He opened up this museum in his retirement and it’s just all things cleaning. Who would think that could make a great field trip ? Haha Well it was great and the kids and I really enjoyed it!

They made it very enjoyable for kids of all ages!

The kids love the old fashioned way of doing things (like when they enjoyed washing the dishes at Jordanelle last week) so they were all over this area where you could wash socks with the bucket and washboard and put them through the ringer. E had never seen those types of clothes pins before so I had to demonstrate how to use them:

The theme of the museum was “come curious, leave inspired”… and that ended up being true! We enjoyed our tour guide who taught us that living clean is much more than dusting and vacuuming and laundry…. it’s about keeping a clean conscience, using clean words, and taking care of your body, things, and the environment around you!

Here’s vacuum village:

And brooms around the world:

Saturday night bath tub:

What was the guy called whose job it was to keep the potty seat warm for royalty ? Not sure ! I was just surprised there was such a job!

I saw this clothes drying rack and thought it would be perfect for an RV!

There were just so many different exhibits and things to see … but the kids fave parts were the game area:

Chimney sweep area:

And music and puppet show area:

We ended at this huge dome where they played and organized behind the other kids that had left it a mess haha:

Yes Gramma, this is E ironing. The Rooks’ kids finally know what ironing is thanks to the Waltons!

MomMom and Gramma, E says to look at her folding job:

We had a few more adventures this week I will post soon ! We’re just sooo excited to head to Glacier then Yellowstone and Grand Tetons! Happy Friday!

Thanks for your prayers! 🙂

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