Granny goes home and we go “home”

For those that don’t know, the Rookie Roadsters came “home” to Rocky Mount NC this week. (We sure do have a lot of homes haha). Brandon’s beloved grandmother, “Granny”, passed away on Tuesday. Yesterday we were able to celebrate her life on earth and her entrance into heaven! Before I talk more about our special Granny let me do a quick recap of the last week.

It’s been a whirlwind and it all just doesn’t seem real yet. God is so good and we are so grateful for His care and protection as we traveled so far so quickly.

As I mentioned in the last post, after Yellowstone we changed our plans and headed to Cody Wyoming instead of the Grand Tetons (so we could get away from the cold and snow!).

While we were in Cody we enjoyed Buffalo Bill State Park:

Buffalo Bill Dam:

and another cowboy dinner night. This time RR got on stage and played the tambourine:

In Cody, we also learned a lot at The Buffalo Bill Center of the West. We knew very little about him before we went. He was a very interesting character and we were surprised to read about his Wild West show that traveled around the world! He was one of the (one sign said he was THE) most famous Americans of his time.

The center was huge with 5 museums in one. (Buffalo Bill Museum, Draper Natural History Museum, Plains Indian Museum, Whitney Western Art Museum, and Cody Firearms Museum).

I think the girls liked the part about the Wild West Show the best (especially Annie Oakley). Cody’s story is so much like PT Barnum from Greatest Showman!

Annie Oakley:

I loved the plains Indians clothing, headpieces, and accessories:

This was B’s favorite headpiece:

Look at these “snow goggles”. We’d never seen that before!

What a great museum!

We had some great conversation about how Buffalo Bills’ views of the natives changed over the years and also how America could have been so much greater if “we” had done things differently alongside the natives.

After praying, we felt the Lord’s nudge again to change plans and we decided to spend just 2 days in Cody (instead of a week) and head east to Rapid City, South Dakota. (We thought He was doing that just because there was more to do in South Dakota!)

Going across Wyoming we hit snow! The girls enjoyed singing Christmas carols and driving RR up the wall.

When we arrived in Rapid City (which was last Saturday) we heard that Granny really wasn’t doing well. We kept praying and decided to wait until the doctors’ report Sunday afternoon to make our decisions on what to do.

We went to the Crazy Horse Memorial and liked learning about Crazy Horse, enjoyed the Lakota dancers, were so sad reading about the Wounded Knee Massacre, and loved the story of how Standing Bear (what an interesting man!) asked the sculptor to make this memorial.

Wow – look at this pic from 1948 – survivors of the Battle of Little Big Horn:

Here’s what it will look like eventually with the real thing in the background:

We then went to Mt Rushmore. There was lots of construction so the avenue of flags was closed and we couldn’t really get close. It was still really great to see in person what we’ve seen in books and TV our whole life.

But to be honest we were checked out. I finally said, “wow B I’m at the point where I could honestly care less about some faces on a mountain. I’m ready to see faces of people we love. He agreed and we were off. It was time to go “home”!

Looking back we see how the Lord had been preparing our hearts (even my last post shows it as I wrote about how I missed community and family and friends so much).

He had also been preparing our drive home. Because of all that rerouting we were now closer to home in South Dakota than we would have been in Wyoming. It is incredible how He speaks and leads each of His children when we have ears to hear. He cares about all the details!!!

We left Sunday afternoon and took that whole day to get across South Dakota. In a car we could have driven longer and quicker but with pulling Woody we never go above 67 and it’s of course a lot more tiring and takes more care when pulling. Another of God’s mercies was that a few days before we left B “just happened” to feel a nudge that I should practice driving. He thought he was preparing us for the next weeks when we were going to be traveling during weekdays. But I’m glad I was prepared and felt comfortable so we could switch driving on that long ride home. We stayed in eastern South Dakota Sunday night then Richmond Indiana Monday night. They were both easy in and out KOA’s and a real blessing! We felt physically awful with the quick elevation changes and the bumpiest roads ever. Ugh miles and miles of construction cones and lane closures and not one machine or man out there doing anything! (Illinois and Indiana what’s your problem!?)

Tuesday morning I had vertigo so bad I couldn’t even stand up straight so I couldn’t drive anymore. B made the whole drive Tuesday through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia then NC with his brother Chris (a trucker) calling out to us any road closures or accidents. He was about 2 hours ahead of us on the road home. I pictured him driving ahead of us just clearing the path for us haha.

Here are some pics from the road:

When we set off on the trip home we didn’t expect to see Granny again this side of heaven. We were simply going back to be with my in laws to support and love them. But on Monday we realized we actually did have a glimmer of a chance to see Granny and that got our hopes up. Sunday it looked like we could make it in time to pray over her and give her love in person. But when we were about an hour and 30 from her, it was time for her to go to Jesus!

B (like the rest of the family) had been non-stop praying those last 2 hours in particular that she would have no fear and no pain and just be totally peaceful and comfortable. And the Lord answered all those prayers for sure. My mother in law’s pastor who we really like went to the hospital and prayed Granny into heaven. It was peaceful and just as it was meant to be!!! We had a strong wave of sadness to not have “made it in time” but that passed quickly because we know God is sovereign and He is always on time. We were praying with Granny. The same spirit in us was also in Granny. We will see her again. And the next time we do, we will all be exactly who we were designed to be!

Woody is now plopped in my in laws’ yard in their waterfront RV park they’ve set up for us haha.

And we have enjoyed all the fellowship and laughter with family and friends. Here’s a poem I wrote while I was driving and B was working. Since I couldn’t listen to music or do anything while B worked on the drive I just sat in silence and this is what came to mind:

Here’s a poem about our beloved Granny;

Temperance Anne but don’t call her “Annie”.

Pretty as a picture with her hair just so;

Oh how she loved her grands and watching them grow.

We always loved the stories she told of her childhood;

Ones about wash day and the chickens were particularly good.

When she was 13 she walked to the altar to the hymn “have thine own way”;

What blessed assurance to know Jesus loved her and would always by her side stay.

She was a gifted athlete and loved the Carolina Tar Heels;

She enjoyed laughing and bonding after special family meals.

She was always a favorite teller at BB&T;

Smiley friendly and loving and made so many happy.

Nobody could keep a house clean like Granny;

I mean not a speck of dust in any nook or cranny.

Her life was full of angels, Characters and clowns;

we all loved to get her smiles and hated to get those frowns!

Anne wasn’t perfect just like you and me;

But Thank you Lord because of Christ alone we know where she will be.

Anne loved her daughters sisters and each of their husbands with all her heart;

And we know Pop was there waiting and cheering for her time in heaven to start.

Just like her kitchen counters her sins are all wiped and cleared;

The Savior really does bleach out the punishment and all the hurt we fear.

Ann comes from the Hebrew Anna which means grace:

And that’s exactly how our Ann finished her earthly race.

Imagine Jesus welcoming in Ann – what a sight to be seen;

And now we can all rest assured that heaven will be dusted mopped and cleaned!


We love you Granny! I know you told us “don’t come home if anything happens to me. Just enjoy your travels”. But we didn’t listen and we’re “home” right where you’d want us to be!

She was always so much younger than her age and was doing so good when we left. It still doesn’t seem real we won’t see her again this side of heaven. But we have the hope of resurrection and we have so many happy memories of her! We will always remember her as being spunky healthy and happy!

Granny loved beauty: flowers, pretty outfits, the beach, nicely decorated houses. Wow we can’t even imagine her awe and excitement as she stares into the face of Beauty Himself! We are happy for her!!! 🙂

Here are some of my fave pics with her over the years:

Anne meets Annabelle:

I love this one of Granny and Uncle Fly from our wedding:

Thanks for reading. We love y’all !

Brunswick county friends – see you sooner than we thought! Get ready for me to come and talk your ears off! 🙂

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  1. Pam Mullen

    What a beautiful ending to your travel story as well as tribute to granny. She loved you and Brandon and your children so, just like the rest of her grands and great grands! I know she would be so honored to know you ignored her request and came back home just for her! We were so happy to see you all back safe and sound after such a trying week. But as always our God is a great God and directed your path and escorted you back. Thank you for the joy of traveling along with you over the past nine months. I feel like I have been right there with you guys. I know these memories will last a lifetime and beyond! Many blessings. Love you.


    Our Thoughts & Prayers are with Ya’ll & Your Family !!
    What a Beautiful Poem for Your Granny ;))
    Love Always , “Old Mother Hubbard ” and Captain !!

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  4. What a sweet tribute to Brandon’s grandma. She sounds like a very special lady. And what a legacy she left!
    My prayers are with you all. Enjoy your time with family!
    I love you! ❤️ Mel

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