October Recap – Rocky Mount / Leland

We are headed to the mountains for a week!

So here’s the recap for our October in Rocky Mount (and 2 mini excursions to OBX click here and Leland).

At the beginning of October, MomMom was in Leland so we made a quick getaway to spend some time with her. It was our first time back at the beach in 2019 and I’m pretty sure I shed a tear as I crossed that dune! If the Lord gives the OK I sure would love to live on OKI someday. 🙂

The kids were SO excited to see some of their toys and stuffed animals they had left at MomMom’s:

Especially pumpkin head:

We’ve loved him for many years:

In Leland, we enjoyed long-awaited seafood!

And enjoyed being with MM (and playing):

While we were in Leland we were also SO happy to see some of our “framily” we hadn’t seen in 9 months. (And we still have many on our list that we can’t wait to see in November and December!)

Our arms have been aching for months to meet our newest framily addition:

We Love love love them so much. I’ve never had a better friend than Becky!

And our Walker family!!! Omgoodness look at these birthday twins:

Love love love:

I’m just so teary eyed looking at these loved ones again! We love and miss them all so much.

Back in Rocky Mount we quickly settled into a rhythm of “normal life” at There’s No Place Like Home RV Park. The kids are knocking out their school work so they can go enjoy free time fishing or playing or watching TV (we don’t have a TV in Woody).

Our homeschool table now is about 12 times bigger than our table in Woody haha. And RR has enjoyed spreading out so much. He likes to sit as far away from us as possible:

We find many cozy places to read and study:

Even though I do BSF online while on the road, they let us visit the Rocky Mount one while we’re here. This one has hundreds of women and a school program even though it’s a day class (so it’s for homeschoolers yay)! I’ve loved being back in BSF in person. We have also really enjoyed visiting my in laws church!

We’ve loved being able to visit with the great grandmothers we have left on the earth. B and I both have always had a major soft spot for the elderly ….but the time away and Granny’s passing has given us an even deeper love / honor for these special ones.

In the past we have only been able to get to Rocky Mount on holidays or weekends so it’s been a real unexpected blessing to have made it back to NC early to get extra time with our family. We’ve had so many quality conversations and really have enjoyed the strengthened bonds that time has allowed. We’ve loved getting to celebrate birthdays like Briannes at the roller rink:

and this cutie-patootie-turned-“tough”-teenager’s day too. What a weird experience to have him drive us around!!! All I could picture was the cutie on the left:

We’ve been able to cheer on cousins at their extra curriculars:

And taken some amazing field trips!

To the children’s museum at the Imperial Center:

Aladdin at DPAC:

The state fair (our first time!):

By the way, we have awesome alarm clocks each morning. One rooster across the water and Peter and Piper next door:

We’ve loved our home ec class that happens as we shadow Gramma’s life:

The girls have loved playing with their youngest cousin! Now they have a real,live character to be the child as they play babysitters club!

E and AB are thoroughly enjoying that RR is, shall we say, getting ample pay back:

And we finished October in Rocky Mount with a fun pumpkin carving party. We picked the pumpkins at Linda Fishers farm:

And at the party we enjoyed carving:

Playing games and face painting:

And of course enjoyed lots of laughter and food:

Finally, the Lord always gives us at least one amazing sunset each month:

One of the best parts of being human is pursuing the Lords beauty, including His creation. This month, we may have missed hikes and times of solitude in nature…but I feel like the flood and being on the road has really solidified in our hearts that every.single.thing of this earth is temporary….except for our relationships.

People are the Lords most cherished creation and He has shown us that truth. Being in Rocky Mount has been a blessing to us…and I hope many others!

Our hearts are full of love!

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