Yogi Bear’s Jellystone – Tabor City NC

Well we thought that our week in the Smokies would be our last adventure in Woody for 2019 – but plans changed. We couldn’t bring Woody to the dealer to get his things fixed until today (instead of last weekend)….so this week we stayed at Jellystone in Tabor City. The kids (and Mommy) were super discouraged to not be able to get to Leland and our “framily” there …but due to circumstances, we had to quarantine ourselves for the week.

After many tears, I finally rested in Gods sovereignty and accepted this new plan knowing we will get to our friends eventually. Geez! All our “homecomings” have been so different than expected. I’m still trying to process what the Lords doing through all this!

Jellystone ended up being a blessing. It was a great week of quiet, allowing for the 5 of us to re connect and also reflect on our travels this year and pray for the future.

The girls loved seeing Yogi and BooBoo

We enjoyed watching the Panthers with the neighbors:

In the off-season at this park, the activities are only on the weekends.

So we made sure to enjoy the jump pad and crafts and even story time with BooBoo:

We all enjoyed mini golf:

And AB wrote such a cute note to Cindy Bear on our 2nd day and dropped it at the office. Cindy Bear was so delighted with her note and said she would make a special trip to the jump pad to be able to meet AB! It was such a pick me up the girls really needed.

The indoor pool, basketball courts, and playgrounds stayed open all week so that was great!

There are probably 150 sites in the park and when I mean it was a quiet week… I mean quiet! I think we were probably one of only 10 guests there.

After living a very quiet and slow pace in the great outdoors this year…. I guess the Lord knew it would be a harder transition back than expected so He gave us this quiet slow week to let us breathe a bit. We’re so excited to be with our extended family on both sides. But we also have to protect and know how God is leading our family of 5…. and make sure to keep connected to each other and in tune with Him! It takes a lot of work and intention to be disciplined against technology and going too many different directions.

We just dropped Woody at the dealer to get some little things fixed while under warranty. He’s all cleaned and packed up:

Wow !!!!! It truly is amazing to think of what we’ve done and seen in our tiny little home this year. God truly protected us and we have so much to be thankful for. When I think of all the things that could have gone wrong any day. Phew! Wow His hand is evident. He truly watched over us. How can we thank you enough for your prayers !?

(Pic from January)

It was strange to see our “home” being tractored away haha. But again… home is where we are together.

We are headed to Jersey for 3 weeks!

I will be posting some “trip recaps” of our America-the-Beautiful tour soon! 😍

Love y’all!!!

5 thoughts on “Yogi Bear’s Jellystone – Tabor City NC

  1. We have found that Jellystone parks are great for get togethers with family coming in from all around. The crafts and meet and greets with Yogi, Cindy and BooBoo are always big hits with our grand kids! Hope the work on your rig works out well for you.

  2. Steve Hubbard

    Have really enjoyed following You Guys this Year !! Have given out Your Blog site to many of my Customers !! Saw another Home Schooling Full Timing Family on CBS Sunday Morning , thought they sounded just like You guys . Well MERRY CHRISTMAS , & Happy New Year !! Love Always Captain & ‘Old Mother Hubbard !!

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