Jersey recap

Sadly, our time with our Jersey family is over. We are excited to go see our friends and Bruns County community… but it sure is heart breaking to leave our loved ones. Like RR says we need jet packs :).

Wow ! We’ve had a blast up here and we did a lot!!!

Lady Liberty & Ellis Island;

Historic Philly;

Radio City Music Hall & Family Fun;

Hyde Park;

Snow days;

And Washington’s Headquarters!

Here are some more wonderful memories from our weeks here.

Happy smiles with cousins:

School at MomMom & Pa’s:

Lots of play time including Rook with the Rooks:

Fun sleepovers and cousin time:

There was a ridiculous amount of football played:

One of Gramma’s friends taught the girls to knit…And they taught me! We are loving it:

(B took that pic of me and said / we came to jersey and turned 50. She’s knitting and we’re watching jeopardy! Lol)

Pa took us to this ridiculously large train display after Philly. Definitely the largest we’ve seen (with the Living Desert in Palm Springs a very close 2nd!):

RR saw this scene there and was excited because he remembered being there! That’s the re enactment of the Golden Spike:

AB got her first pair of glasses:

We of course had our Taylor ham egg and cheese bagels. Sorry for the blurry pic I probably couldn’t wait to dig in:

We enjoyed playing games with Uncle Ry and Aunt Katie:

Had lots of laughter and special heartfelt words at family meals and treats:

I was so happy to have special lunches with 2 of my best best friends from childhood/ high school:

RR made sure to get some fishing in (and a hair cut!):

On Thanksgiving, Uncle Bonesy took RR 4 wheeling with the guys and he loved it:

There are beautiful sunsets and sunrises everywhere including Jersey!

And we also got to see Disney’s Beauty & the Beast at Centenary College with my 5th grade teacher who I really loved!

We loved doing “normal” with the family like cheering on cousin I at entrepreneur night and Bball:

B and I even got a double date with MM & Pa while all kiddos slept at the cousins! Great job Aunt Rox and uncle Bones.

We got to celebrate H’s 14th BDay!!!! I can.not.believe he is 14! He is such a special and truly gifted kid and we are so proud of him:

(My sister is so amazing at those cakes, isn’t she!?)

H and RR 2006 and 2019:

AB sure is gonna miss her Roscoe:

But not as much as we will miss our besties!

For us sisters – it’s such a gift to watch our kiddos love each other. We feel about each other the way the cousins feel about each other! It’s so sweet to see it passed to another generation. Siblings and sibling-cousins are truly such amazing relationships and such a gift from the Lord. So all of you sisters going through those hard years in your teens and young 20s — keep loving and don’t give up on each other. Love wins! We are truly blessed. This month was such a beautiful ending to our 2019 travels. Sniff sniff

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  1. Great to see you having fun with your family and friends! And yes, your sister’s cakes are So Amazing!!
    Is Woody back from the shop or are you traveling with just Betty to your next destination?

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