May / June 2020 in SE NC

Summer 2020 is in the books – and it was a summer we will never forget. It flew by and we loved all the special time with each other, family, local friends, and visitor friends! With so much going wrong in the world, we are so thankful for this special place of peace and beauty we’ve gotten to hide out in. I have so much to update on that I will have to break it into a few posts!


In May, things were still quiet on the island and the biggest news was the record-breaking container ship that came to the State Port from Colombia. We watched it arrive on the Atlantic and head up the Cape Fear River to the State Port.

It looked like a building coming in from the Atlantic
From under the pier
I love the birds flying next to it there

Since Southport’s 4th of July festival (dated back to at least 1795) was cancelled, I guess all the people that came to watch this ship are the only crowds the little town will see this year. It was really sad and funny how many people came out to watch! The island still had a major toilet paper shortage all throughout May so seeing all those containers just made me wonder, “Could this be our TP!?” 🙂

Finding adventure and entertainment in the little things has been a gift this year! The birds and squirrels still keep our attention daily:

In May we we loved the weather warming up and we were so excited for all the summer fun ahead!

Beach walk with a special friend
I caught the sunset every non-rainy night!
Mother’s Day with my sweeties. They are truly such amazing young people and being their Mommy is just the best.
I haven’t tired of the herons, ibis, pelicans, or even the seagulls!
God’s winks are everywhere!
Ah! My baby boy is so tall!
We loved all the mermaid time at one of our bestie’s pool!
Back of the island sunset
These inflatable kayaks have been such a great buy! We had them for the road and they are still serving us well!
We always try to get as far away from people and houses as possible!

MomMom and Pa somehow escaped New Jersey and we really enjoyed our time with them and seeing them not locked up 🙂

E harvested her first strawberry:


In June we finished 2nd, 4th, and 8th grades! Homeschooling is truly such a gift and this year more than ever we are SO thankful for it! The Lord really prepared our family well for 2020.

The sun sets on the back of the island in the summer. June didn’t disappoint!

I love that the kids still enjoy playing with the trucks on the beach 🙂

Mommy’s 37th birthday was a happy one! We went out to eat and were happy to support one of our local businesses. The island really stayed quiet in June.

I’m still amazed every day that we live here. There’s so much beauty around to explore!

On the pier
One of our new, favorite paddling spots
I went for walks/jogs a lot in June and I loved this footbridge and the canals

For B’s birthday / Father’s Day, Uncle Fly & family came to visit and we had a great time!

When Uncle Fly visited we went to the Fish House and saw dolphins there in the Waterway!
Uncle Fly got RR his first crab pot and taught him all the tricks!
And RR of course passed on those lessons asap!
Our first crab! It was yummy!
I had so many quiet moments at the beach this year. I’m so thankful.

We were SO happy to be around in a *group* of friends again. We hadn’t been around a group like this since before our road trip – so it was long overdue. I was so happy and giddy!

We love our friends!

We have stayed so active and we LOVE it!!!

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  1. Wendy L. Hemphill

    Wow….Raymond must have grown 6 inches at least.What a gift of a place to live.I cannot imagineSo happy for your family.Blessings !!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  2. Eddielyn

    LOVED this.  I would title it The Quiet Life!  Perfect!  I’ve said it many times, but once again, your photography is amazing!  The peace and tranquility just ooze right through my computer screen.And speaking of the quiet life, I’m attaching a message on 1 Thes 4:9-12 from last Sunday.  Thought you might enjoy it since we have mentioned this verse as being so in tune with our particular moment in time.  The speaker is the son of the lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Philadelphia.  I listen to Pastor Joe’s archived messages (a complete commentary of Genesis to Revelation), often.  His details of history and the culture of the times bring depth that I would read right over.  Anyway, he was on vacation last Sunday and his son brought this timely word.  The message starts about 20 minutes in.  So, someday when you have a little free time, sit back and enjoy .Ok, that’s it for now.  Thanks again for sharing your life.  I always love to hear what the Rooks are up to!~ Ms. B

  3. suppidan

    Wow! What a cool update and nice pictures after a long time:-). You live at a very special and amazing place! Stay healthy and all the best to you all. Greetings from Lucerne, Switzerland! Family Suppiger

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