The Route – Jan to April

The most common question we’ve been asked (besides Can we come, too!?) is, Do you know your route!?

No. We decided as a family that we are just going to let the girls choose our next state based on where they land first on Destination USA.

Do I know our route!? SMH. Yes. Of course. Clearly you don’t know me if you ask this question hehe. Is rain wet? Will the Yankees win a game this year? Are my kids adorable? No question about it! Yes. The week we decided to definitely do this – I had mapped out a path πŸ™‚ .

What’s different about me now from past RJ is that I’m holding our plans very loosely and we are trusting the Lord to adjust it as needed. If we hadn’t learned that lesson this last decade together – the Lord cemented it this year thanks to Hurricane Flo. Make all the plans you want, but be grateful for His interjections and re routes. He’s really a great communicator.

I can already see from speaking with other “full timers” that everybody’s RV life looks different from each other …. just like everybody’s “normal” life differs. Mr B is going to continue to “work from home” like he has these last few years, so our RV life is going to be less rushing from one place to another trying to soak *everything* in…. and more staying for weeks at a time at a certain location.

Okay lady – just give us the route!

So here’s the plan for the first 3 months – that we are holding on to loosely and talking to the Lord about often!


  • Melbourne FL


  • New Orleans LA
  • San Antonio TX
  • Marathon TX


  • Big Bend National Park TX
  • El Paso TX / White Sands National Monument NM
  • Tucson AZ
  • Desert Hot Springs CA

Other FAQ

Does it seem real yet ?

  • No. These places still just seem like little pins on a map and not places we will actually be staying in.
  • Are we ready ?
    • No – but we have 3.5 weeks

    Are you serious, Clark?

    • Yes . We really are doing this. Well, unless the Lord radically intervenes.

    So you will, like, cook and stuff ?

    • Yeah dude. We will like totally drive Betty to the store while Daddy is working and like try to park her but probably take up like 3 spaces and then drive back and like put stuff on the outdoor grill. Or we will just have berries and leaves for meals if I can’t figure out how to park. Either one. The kids are flexible.

    When will you be back!?

    • I have no idea. Truly. That’s the question I don’t have an answer to. Will let you know when I know ! We are thinking October ? November ? September ? But we are open to the Lord’s lead !!!

    Hope y’all are well and enjoying this special season! πŸ’•

    3 thoughts on “The Route – Jan to April

    1. Pam Mullen

      It is fun watching you guys on this journey. I know you know this…A man’s heart plans his way; but he Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9. Glad your flexible!

    2. You’re so funny! You had me for a second with the caption over the girls picture about going with wherever you land in the game. LOL But OF COURSE you’ve put far more thought into this πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      I have great confidence that you’ll be able to park just fine at the grocery store and you’ll be grilling out, but it’s great that everyone is flexible enough to eat leaves and berries LOL
      Godspeed, Rookie Roadsters <3

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