We’re Off !!!

Our around-the-country adventure has officially started! Woohoooo

We have salty cheeks and puffy eyes from the “see you later” tears, but we also have joyful hearts full of excitement!

20 minutes into the ride AB says, “Mommy. I’m not bored yet!”. So that was a good start ha

We’re almost to 95 as I write, starting our way to FL from NC. Sunshine sunshine and more sunshine is ahead of us – thank you Lord !

We plan on being in Florida for a month. Each stop we take on this journey has its own purpose. I hope that this month gives us rest, warmth, and practice doing daily routines in 240 sq ft :).

We are so well-loved by the LORD and our family and friends. We’ve been overwhelmed with the support and prayers. We had such special moments of fellowship and prayer this month as we prepared. Like the girls said, “We want to leave all the time because we have LOVED seeing ALL our friends!” I agree. I wish we spent more time with each of our loved ones. Looking at each visitor this week, I thought, “wow. We are loved by the most amazing people in the world.” Sniff sniff. We are truly blessed. I’ve prayed and waited many years for the relationships we have now. And this is only the teeniest glimmer of what community will be like in eternity!

Thank you thank you thank you all for your support and prayers. We know the angels assigned to us have all they need! We rest in God’s sovereignty and are just FULL of thanks.

Please continue to pray for our moms 🙂 and us.

Adventure awaits!!!

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