Jacksonville North / St Mary’s KOA

The first day and night of our adventure were great!

We really enjoyed this KOA for an overnight stop.

We really don’t have anything to compare it to so we were easy to please :). We’ve only stayed at one other RV park (to practice) and only visited one other KOA (to clean up some stuff).

I can officially report that I am now rated “very good” at directing Betty in when it’s a pull-through spot and not a back-in :). I’m even skilled enough I can direct AND take pictures.

We ate outside for the 2nd time that day ! This is truly our new fave thing. I’m gonna keep track of how many meals we eat outside this year. Any guesses!?

The kids loved the bounce pad, mini golf, playground, and petting area (3 goats, 3 bunnies, chickens and a rooster).

Where else can you do all of that for $376 a night ? Just kidding! It was $58/ night. I think KOA’s are the most expensive parks we will stay at on the trip and it will only be a night here and there.

We haven’t flushed out our antifreeze yet and didn’t want to deal with dumping for just a one night stay – so we did use the KOA bathrooms which I would rate as a solid and important step above “ew”. None of us used the showers. AB still thinks we aren’t showering until we get back to North Carolina ! Lol .

My fave trip to the bathroom was at 2:00 am when I was still about 75% asleep. I didn’t have my glasses on so that ole bathroom just looked like a beautiful relief oasis to me. Especially since I had debated since 1:15 if a bladder could actually pop like a balloon.

I love the way the LORD is already helping me restore stillness and awaken my spirit to His presence. When I came out of the bathroom fearing for my life just a little bit, He drew my eyes up and I saw the most beautiful sky of blurry little stars. There were so many ! I slowed my pace to a linger to enjoy it.

I’m so excited to see more of His beautiful creation and be increasingly in tune with His heart!

After our free breakfast this morning and one more round of golf, we hit the road to Florida!

I plan on updating the blog with our adventures about once a week and any time we leave a campground!

Thanks for all the support and love. It’s sunny and 70s in Florida today! Couldn’t NOT share that.

5 thoughts on “Jacksonville North / St Mary’s KOA

  1. Debra Slavin

    $58 and a free breakfast for 5……can’t beat that rate anywhere…….except mom mom’s and gma’s!! Love you guys…….can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Julia

    The first leg of your journey, sounds amazing. Enjoy all of your stops and the beauty God has created and give to us. Again, if you’re up near Memphis, you’ve got a place. Just give me a call (9014908062)

  3. Loving the updates <3 Sounds like a great stop at the KOA! Lots of fun for the kids 🙂 Maybe not as much for the bathrooms?? LOL Hopefully the next stop will have nice clean showers 🙂 *Fingers crossed*

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