Florida – Week 2 Recap

As promised I need to mention some of the funny things we find ourselves saying nowadays. Life has changed a bit.

Exhibit A:

“Don’t drop your underwear” [On the way to and from the shower. The girls thought Mommy was so silly to say it – but on our first shower night – my mommy instinct told me to look back and whatdya know – dirty underwear right there in the middle of the park jogging path. They laughed about that forever. Ya see – sometimes mommy instinct is exactly right! It took us a week to figure it out – but we realize it’s smart to bring a grocery bag to carry things in]

Exhibit B:

Mommy: “Does this outfit look okay?”

E: “Mommy! We are trailer people. You just have to exist”

[She said it so innocently and sincere – it was hilarious. Please don’t think she is judging all people who live in trailers. We’re talking RV-ers. RV-ers seem to be way more low maintenance than mainstream. I notice it in myself already. I don’t have a full length mirror and I know I’ll only be around these people for a little while so my vanity is really diminishing. It’s great! I never realized how much I cared about how I looked and how often I looked in mirrors. This has been very humbling! I’m grateful for my girls to see me caring less and being more content.]

Exhibit C:

“How many bugs are in your shower tonight?”

[Don’t worry MomMom they are harmless little somethings. I don’t have anything more to say about this right now hehe]

On to the recap!

We started our week enjoying friends from NC who were in FL on mini vacation! What a special treat. The kids loved playing with friends, exploring with Steve (he showed us how to find the fiddler crab’s eggs!), and Beth was full of hilarious stories as always. It was 80 degrees that day!

The day ended beautifully with a dolphin jumping clear out of the water for us ! And an amazing sunset.

Then we got to spend Monday with our Child Ambassador friends / fellow RV-ers again who were also in FL! It was so nice having now-familiar friends for the kids to play with (boys for RR!) and other adults to converse with besides introductory conversations with strangers.

We went to St Augustine Tuesday to see one of my college roommates Jen who studies right whales and is a biological scientist with FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ! The kids and I absolutely love learning directly from people who are passionate and involved with what they are teaching!

Jen and I both went to UNCW for marine science. I love that she made it happen and is doing what she loves! [And I love that the Lord redirected me and that I’m doing what I love!]

After our time with Jen we toured St Augustine and that actually has to be its own post because we learned so much!

The rest of the week we continued our new normal…. lots of reading, daily quiet time, walks with Daddy, family exercise to prep for the west, as many minutes outside as possible, and enjoying nature!

The girls and I went to a local mall because AB really needed new shoes. It was the first time we have been in a regular shopping environment like that in quite a long time and I think we were all overwhelmed. I couldn’t wait to get back to nature / outside / our simple life without a million choices. I remember talking about America with our World Vision staff in Uganda and that’s something they mentioned that blew them away about America. Too. Many. Choices… too much everything really. I understand that more each day.

However – AB got her first pair of Jordan’s and she was pumped up she had that choice!

Thinking about enjoying nature and simpler living… This owl came and sat above us as we ate dinner one night. All the squirrels and birds paused and it was like the whole world around us stopped because he came. How many times does a high drama like this occur without us knowing!? I feel like a whole new world is opening up to us as we are quieter and more observant of what’s around !

These gopher tortoises are amazing! We are enjoying them so much.

We are also loving all the fresh produce and new foods to try!

The sunset on Friday night was so stunning I was crying. We ran so hard to get to this location to see it. Nothing makes me feel like a little kid more than running to chase sunsets or dolphins. I felt so free just cheesing so big running so hard not caring who saw me or what they were thinking. It just felt like my heart was screaming : “I’m coming Daddy! I can’t wait to see it in full! Thank you thank you!” . I know it must make Him as a parent so happy to see His children delighting in His works.

It felt like He made this one just for us!!! This crane sat there until right before the last light. We saw him yawn and then another crane came (which we suppose was his wife) and they flew off together. It was so beautiful! We were the only ones around enjoying it . How could all these cars and people be going by without being in awe !?!?!? What an artist! Can you even believe how beauty-filled His creation is !? And this pales in comparison to what we will see in eternity.

This is all just the slightest reflection of King Jesus! He is immeasurably more stunning than the most stunning sunset. Immeasurably more captivating than the most captivating animal!!!

We enjoyed watching the sun set so much that we decided to see it rise the next morning. What a production the Lord put on for us again! So so beautiful ! I told the kiddos that B and I were SO happy to pass on our love of God’s sunsets and sunrises because it’s a gift that can last them their whole lives! The sun rises and sets every day and it’s free to enjoy.

Oh Lord ! We just love you! 🙌🏻 You’re so amazing! All beauty points to you and shouts of you! Help us step away more and more and be still enjoying the beauty you created.

Thank you for what a gift this adventure is to us and that each day has your mark in it.

6 thoughts on “Florida – Week 2 Recap

  1. Jennifer Watkins

    I LOL’ed at this… E: “Mommy! We are trailer people. You just have to exist”. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. You are missed!

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  3. WOW! The pictures are breathtaking <3 I can just see you running, free and easy, to chase the sunset and dolphins. 🙂 I enjoyed the way you described the high drama that happens all the time in nature that we're completely oblivious of, unless we're there to witness it. Sometimes when we're bird watching in the back yard, we see drama unfolding as one of the Yellow Rumped Warblers begin chasing off every one of the Finches, Sparrows, Mourning Doves, and Carolina Wrens…Then, when the Mocking Bird swoops in to be "King on the Fence" and suddenly it's the Warbler that is the one absconding to safety. All of this happening while the Bluebirds simply watch and observe, unmoved. It's fun to watch and see the order that happens in nature day after day, even in our own back yard, whether there is someone watching or not.

    The part with the new sayings you've found yourselves saying ("Don't drop your underwear" and "How many bugs were in your shower?") made me laugh out loud, because we've share similar sentiments during our camping adventures. God is with you, wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)
    Even into the showers with the bugs 😉

    I'm enjoying your posts so much, and living vicariously through you just a bit too 😉 Much love to you all, and continued prayers!!

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