Big Bend – Final Day (Three Bar Ranch, Pouroff, and Sunset)

We woke up Monday and the temp had dropped 50+ degrees in 12 hours. That wind after dinner Sunday night came in with a big-time cold front (and side and rear)!

It didn’t stop us from enjoying our last day…though we all do prefer the amazing 85 degrees and sunshiny days.

We bundled up with every warm piece of clothing that wasn’t in “deep storage” as we say, and met our Marathon neighbors (Ms Judy & Mr Richard + dogs) who had invited us to a privately owned ranch (3 Bar Ranch) where there were pictographs and carvings that aren’t accessible to the public. They had connected with the manager of the Ranch, Mr Porter, who invited us out there. There’s a cool name to describe his position but I can’t remember it. :).

One of the things we wished for on the trip was that we would get to visit a ranch – and just like that cow that crossed us when we visited LBJ – The Lord has a sense of humor. This was a ranch but it’s not a working ranch. No animals, no fields of produce, or anything being cultivated. I’m learning to be more specific in my prayers 🙂 .

It was COLD so we couldn’t go in the Polaris as planned. Poor Ole Betty had to go through so many prickly cacti and thorn bushes and other sharp thingies on her beautiful young coat…. but she doesn’t back down from a commitment.

In Southwest Texas, we keep going further out into the middle of nowhere. We drove hours that morning on paths – not roads – with only hills rocks and sharp, dead vegetation in sight!

It was interesting to see some more native art work/ communication (spot the camel?) like we saw at Seminole Canyon.

And we saw more evidence that this area was once very covered with deep waters and sea creatures:

And we saw huge mountain lion tracks!

The kids were cracking me up in the looong off-roading trek – pretending to be elderly Texans coming up with new cliches and sayings. I think my fave was, “well gosh durn I’m as hot as a cranberry in a tanning bed – just call me a craisin!”

We then went back to Woody so Mommy could have a much needed nap in a quiet, unbouncing location 🙂

Then it was back to BIBE for a few more hikes and one last sunset on our special weekend getaway, within our getaway.

We were so happy the clouds broke for the afternoon and evening!

What a good Daddy:

I can always count on E to stop and smell the flowers:

Burro Mesa Pouroff was a beautiful spot and another hidden gem that we enjoyed all alone!

Huge amounts of water at some point came down here and it’s left such beautiful marks and curves and great climbing spots!

One particular child was VERY mad she couldn’t climb up to the cave spot and wants to come back and try again when she’s bigger.

They loved scrambling up on the different surfaces. See them up there:

Especially right near the Snuffleupagus rock:

What a beautiful area of the world this is!!!

This trip has won me over for mountains. I now concede that there are places equally as beautiful as our ocean beaches!

We had such a special long-weekend together. We made memories that I know we will cherish our whole lives.

Even though we do miss our loving family and friends…. we know the Lord led us to this journey and His guidance has been evident every step of the way! We are truly so so grateful!

And… equally beautiful as the Lord’s creation we are seeing and sharing…. is the work He is doing IN each of us. We are conquering some ingrained behaviors and habits that needed breaking and are really bonding more and more the 5 of us. I pray that we come out of this trip more like Jesus. That we have even more care and respect for His creation. That we love more like Him, have His eyes and ears for others, get stronger as a team, and each have a stronger desire to live for Him.

Thank you all so much for your support and following along! Mr B reads all the comments and texts and is grateful for each. Love each of you and your prayers and care mean so much to us.

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  1. pamchristofaro3296

    Are you all planning to go to New England? From all your photos I am. Appreciating how beautiful and diverse our country is. I can’t thank you enough. Love Pam

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