Q & A with Kiddo # 3

I know that you all want to hear from the kids and B so here ya go! 🙂 The first of 4 “guest posts”.

These answers are word for word from the mouth of AB.

What’s been your favorite RV park so far and why?

Wickham Park because the Farmer’s market. Also at Wickham Park there was a Renaissance festival there for a weekend and the trumpets and drums practicing over and over again was so funny.

How has this journey been different than you expected?

Well California has mountains. And Florida had so many manatees.

What do you feel like the Lord has been teaching you through this adventure?

That it’s okay to not have so many toys and things to distract you with.

What’s been the funniest memory so far?

When RR says look at all those suckas (to understand that more read here)

What has been your happiest memory of the adventure so far?

Ryan Mountain. It was so beautiful and amazing and we got to do it for our cousins and their family. It also reminded me of Mercy and other sponsored children who have to walk so far to get water. (More on that here)

Was there a moment in nature or moment anytime since we left that you really felt God very close to you?

No – not yet

Do you think it’s hard to live in Woody?


What’s the hardest part of living in Woody or hardest part of this adventure?

Nothing that I can think of

What are you looking forward to most?

Grand Canyon

What other questions do you have for AB!? 🙂 – or – just leave a comment so she knows you’re reading <3

10 thoughts on “Q & A with Kiddo # 3

  1. Debra Slavin

    I can’t wait to see the Grand Canyon with you Annabelle!!! Love you all bunches & bunches!

    Go Tarheels!

  2. Gary Hurst

    Hey Annabelle,
    I collect hats and want to know where you got that cool hat? You are gonna go wow when you see the Grand Canyon! Deanie and I loved it. Make sure you catch a sunset there and don’t be surprised if God shows up.
    Gary and Deanie

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