Q & A with Kiddo # 2

What’s been your favorite RV park so far and why?

Well…I think staying with the goats was really fun. I liked Wickham Park because we could go out and bike everywhere. The horses visiting Wickham Park were great too. Actually Wickham Park had lots of animal which was great.

How has this journey been different than you expected?

Hmmm… well I didn’t expect to be at RV parks as much. I thought we would just be going to simple camping places. Middle of a field or something. I’m shocked there are fun things to do at every RV park.

What do you feel like the Lord has been teaching you through this adventure?

Well at home I was kind of scared of letting other people use my toys and things. I have definitely learned how to share more. I have learned that it’s okay to not have a lot and you don’t need a lot of things. When I get mad I am learning to go find a quiet spot.

What’s been the funniest memory so far?

At the goat farm – there was a goat who had the funniest face and Daddy said, “oh my goodness his horns are put on too tight!” And that is exactly what it looked like! <insert lots of giggles> Daddy is so funny. RR saying sucka instead of yucca all the time is so funny too!

What has been your happiest memory of the adventure so far?

Driving through Texas and then California too – when Mommy & Daddy turn up the music and roll down the windows and sing and clap real loud – we feel so happy. That makes up for missing our family dance parties.

Was there a moment in nature or moment anytime since we left that you really felt God very close to you?

Yes. At Wickham Park when we were doing our quiet time – I went and sat by myself by the lake and I was looking at the birds and feeling the warm sun and I really felt He was just right above my head. I wrote a journal about it to remember.

Do you think it’s hard to live in Woody?

No it’s easy. I like it a lot.

What’s the hardest part of living in Woody or hardest part of this adventure?

I don’t really have – like – my own stuff. But I do have my own bed. So even though I know He is teaching me that’s okay – it is still a little hard sometimes.

What are you most looking forward to?

November in New Jersey

What questions do you have for E!?

She loves you all and wishes she could give you each one of her sweet, giggle-filled hugs!

(By the way — she turns NINE on the 1st !)

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  1. Wendy L. Hemphill

    I’m loving this road trip.
    Praying safe journeys all the way through.
    The Q&A is such a sweet thing. Thanks for sharing !!

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