San Diego – Pacific Beach

After a great Saturday morning at Cabrillo National Monument – we headed to Pacific Beach to check into Surfer Beach Hotel.

This turn/road reminded me of one of my fave roads in the world….Arlie Rd headed toward Wrightsville Beach. Forgive the bug guts, please.

AB was pretty mesmerized! Those sailboats look so tiny but they were actually large.

We were so excited to see the view from the room:

We enjoyed the pool and beach for a little but it was too windy and chilly to stay long.

We let E open up her first batch of birthday presents and cards. Thank you all so so so much for letting her feel your love from afar!

Then we strolled and waited for the sunset on the water. The cement walk (boardwalk) was small and crowded! I guess I would describe this area as a place to see and be seen. There were lots of college age people or maybe young 20s taking lots of pics. My goodness I could do a whole post on how long people take to get a picture. Yes – I take LOTS of pics but it’s just real quick as we are experiencing. I try to not even let it break the stride of what we’re doing. These people act like it’s their full time job…. maybe it is. “Kids these days” ….. “Its just not like it used to be” and all that. Haha.

This definitely made us miss our NC beaches…. especially the secret gems where it’s just us and nature. Really there’s just no comparison…. but we were thankful to be at the Pacific and enjoyed having a hotel room, restaurants, shops, and the pool within walking distance. We did the Rooks thing as best we could… enjoying nature and each other. There was only a handful of times where we all got distracted and I needed to say, “pick your jaw up off the floor and don’t stare please”.

Everybody who knows me know how much I LOVE and enjoy the sunset every day I can. This one was super special as it was the first one we’ve seen set on the Pacific. I captured it step by step so y’all could enjoy it with us!

It was then time for a quick bite to eat and early bed .

Here was the “front porch” view of downtown San Diego

Sunday morning I got up and watched the surfers and spotted SO many dolphins! There were hundreds but it was so hard to catch a pic.

The girls enjoyed their hot cocoa together on the deck.

And we were off with the sun to get some breakfast and do some shopping.

The wind had died down after breakfast so the kiddos and B jumped into the Pacific!!! That 59 degree water was WAY too cold for me. (And I’ve been in the Pacific before on my last trip to Cali 😊)

They ran in and they ran out!

RR & E played exceptionally well together this day and were just adorbs.

I was totally content sitting, reading my book….. counting my blessings and thinking how beautiful it all is…. imperfections, wrinkles, blemishes and all.

Sunday afternoon we checked out and headed to La Jolla Cove. Even walking down to the cove was so pretty….

This was our fave part of the weekend. I will save that for the next post but here’s the teaser:

We love you all!

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