San Diego – La Jolla Cove

After the Padres Game, Cabrillo Natl Monument, and Pacific Beach – we ended our weekend at La Jolla Cove.

Hello up there. Welcome to La Jolla Cove!

We just LOVED these sea lions! 🙂 And we love interpreting what they are trying to communicate.

This guy in between the birds tails saw that I was trying to get a picture of him and worked hard with me to get the right spot:

He was particularly cute!

There were just so many! It was hard to see what was rock and what was lion.

And the babies !!! Omgoodness the only thing cuter than a sea lion is a sea lion pup. Here’s a mama and baby smooching:

We just enjoyed watching them so much!

And I think they really enjoyed watching us too 🙂

And they also seemed quite frustrated when we didn’t look their way:

Over here! Look at this back bend I’ve been working on my whole life.
La La Laaaaaa !!!!! Over here! Putting on a show for you!
Bark bark bark! Am I invisible!?

What a beautiful area – I can understand why the sea lions make their home here:

The one at the top of this picture talked the *entire* time we were there. The other lions just ignored him. I’m thinking he was 12 years old and saying, “why are you resting? Why can’t we go do something? Why are you sleeping? Let’s go let’s go let’s go” 🙂

Here he is again 15 minutes later:

Another beautiful back bend:

Look at the one sleeping with his mouth hanging open bottom left. And the one top center looked like a super model to me. She stayed with her head up there like that, cool and collected… while all the others looked like they were college kids passed out after excessive drinking.

Loved this trio:

We sat for as long as we could stand the smell in that area and then ventured to the other side.

That can NOT be comfortable:

Aaaand another beautiful backbend:

Just adorbs

B’s corner in the shade:

And this poor mama, bless her heart. I understand:

This guy looked like I felt:

Ahhhh life is good
….my oh my what a beautiful day….
Deep breath…. take it all in

We watched this little guy for awhile because he slept sooo close to the edge. When he rolled we were all holding our breaths haha:

My sea lion selfie:

And the face AB makes to let us know it’s time for lunch:

Thanks for coming. It was nice to see you all. Please do see yourself out

We loved these sea lions and were so happy to see them in the wild.

La Jolla Cove is so pretty! (The lions on this side must be in SL Mafia to get these prime spots – extra roomy, no humans).

When the crowd picked up – we waved back our goodbyes and enjoyed strolling and getting a treat.

(AB back to her happy little self again!)

And that closed out our San Diego weekend!

God must delight when we delight in His creation right!?!?! Wow we are just in AWE of Him and His creativity and beauty more and more!

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  1. Kate kitchen

    Love the pics…ok, La Jolla is where I performed a six night run as Maria in Sound of Music in 1975! Thanks for all your memories of Calif.

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