Utah Week 2

We left Sand Hollow State Park on Saturday to make our way to southeast Utah then Southwest Colorado. Wow Southwest Utah was one of our fave stops for sure! We loved this state park and Zion , Zion and more Zion!

Sand Hollow State Park had full hook ups, hot showers, lots of room at each site and of course the water to enjoy! I loved this view through my front door for 2 weeks (forgive our water bottles) :

Utah is so gorgeous! We thoroughly enjoyed that area of Sand Hollow / Hurricane. It’s a clean and friendly area and again like most places we have stayed… really growing and developing.

Even the view from the dentist’s office was just amazing! Haha !

AB needed to get in to the dentist for a cavity so we prayed about it and I found one I felt good about. RR & E had their teeth cleaned while she got her tooth fixed and it just worked out so well. They were such kind people and the dentist and assistant did great.

We had such amazing weather the whole time we were in this area! It was hot and beautiful and it felt like we were back in summer again for another 2 weeks. Oh I could really get used to having constant summers with a few days of winter thrown in here and there haha.

The day before we left it did get cooler but having to put on jackets didn’t damper these moods. Look at these happy little things:

So what did we do all week besides Zion!? Well, our new friends came for a day to enjoy the park with us:

Another night we went to dinner and a park with them and said our “hope to see you again someday” goodbyes!

B has a cousin that lives in this area that we also got to have over for dinner. It was so great to get time with them!

There is a lot to explore in this area…but we really enjoyed the state park so much we stayed here as much as we could. (The girls’ swimmers itch didn’t keep them from the water and the rash and bumps are healing.)

We did have to do laundry and some errands 2 separate days so we did do some exploring around the towns!

Pioneer Park in St George area was really fun scrambling. I wish we had made time for the garden next door to it but we had to get going:

Sand Hollow has its own set of rocks we got to scramble and climb all over ! These pics are from our last night at the park. The sunset and moon were both so pretty! I have such great memories of that night. Everybody just seemed extra happy and everything seemed extra pretty.

We truly had such a happy 2 weeks here. I’m so grateful.

Bye Sand Hollow! Thanks for all the happy memories.

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