Father’s Day on Million Dollar Highway

For Father’s Day we took a “little” Sunday drive on Million Dollar Highway (aka Highway 550). This scenic road stretches from Durango to Ridgway. Our favorite stretch was directly south of Ouray headed to Silverton. We came to Ouray on Friday from the north so we were shocked at what was around the bend as soon as you make Ouray’s last turn on the south side.

Look at that – no guard rails or anything. I’m so glad we didn’t have to pull Woody behind us even though we saw many RVs on the drive.

We pulled off many times to soak in the sights:

Suddenly, we went up a climb and we had re-entered winter:

It was similar to Cali when we went from desert to winter in 30 minutes.

The kids had a blast until RR couldn’t feel his sandaled feet anymore haha .

The turns without rails are crazy. I think I said one hundred times “wow this is a crazy road”. No texting and driving on this road – my goodness!

It was cloudy off and on but we didn’t have any real showers which I was thankful for. Colorado is gorgeous isn’t it?

At this next stop (below) we were breathing in some of the freshest air in America! I believe we were at 10,600 feet above sea level. And I definitely felt the difference in my head. I’ve actually been pretty light headed all week and my work-outs have been so much harder.

And since it was Fathers Day, when B said he wanted to go off the beaten path a bit, of course we didn’t protest! I have learned to accept that for some reason men love to take trucks onto dirty and rocky roads and make their family feel like they’re all on a buckin bronco together. 😊 Betty is a tough girl and I know she can take it so I embrace it, open the windows, and get to hollerin’.

There are so many paths to take around here and so many places you could get lost in. B and RR love being in the wilderness with no other souls around. I love it …. in daylight 😊.

I loved the color on these:

The kiddos always find a way to get close to water. It’s in their genes for sure. RR is a rock skipping pro these days and the girls love just sitting and listening to it/ looking at it.

What a gift to experience these sights together. And none of it would be possible if it wasn’t for Daddy B’s hard work, being a good steward of our money all these years, and his strong faith to follow the Lord even when it seems a little crazy.

The Lil Rookies have been given such a gift in B. And I believe whenever they are sitting surrounded in peaceful nature it will always bring to mind their peaceful Daddy who really fosters an appreciation for being still in creation.

B reminds me a lot of nature itself. He doesn’t project himself out there. Doesn’t make a loud show of things. He doesn’t demand attention. So it’s easy to overlook or under-appreciate the depth and beauty of him if you rush around and don’t pay attention…but when you give him your time and stillness… he’s profound, beautiful (what’s a good manly word for beautiful?), and wise enough to bring you to tears every time. Just like God’s creation, indeed.

It was a Happy Father’s Day for our wise ole owl. We are truly blessed to have him and have this time with him.

Happy (late) Fathers Day to all the Dads out there – especially to our Pa (Daddy Cat) and Peepa (Bruce Dad)! We are truly blessed with amazing dads who were perfectly picked for us.

P.S. RR sat in the front seat on the ride back and took these pics I wanted to share:

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  1. Wendy L. Hemphill

    Happy Belated Birthday, RandiAbiding and following the Great Shepherd. Who can imagine the sweet blessing?Love ya, WendySent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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