Bye to Ouray

Our visit to the small (current population 800) historical mining town of Ouray (named after Chief Ouray of the Utes… look more about him here….he was so interesting and respected as both a friend of the white men and protector of the natives) was such an unplanned (by us but not by the Lord), last minute blessing!

We enjoyed our 9 days there so much and we love how it all worked out. We celebrated my birthday and Father’s day here, met great new friends, saw awesome views, and got lots of fun exercise on beautiful hikes and strolls.

During the week….

We went back to million dollar highway to stop at this overlook where we saw many cars stopped the other day. Wow just wow just wow.

We did have our 8th (?) rainy day of the trip this week but after almost 6 months on the road we happily took it! We snuggled in and we were so productive – cleaning, organizing, sorting more things for goodwill (we love getting lighter and lighter!), and finishing our school year. The girls’ clothes drawer that E won’t let AB touch is still looking good. I truly just love this simplified lifestyle in so many ways.

On Wednesday and Friday, we went to the Hot Springs. The kiddos and I were there when it opened at 10 and spent the entire day there both times, only breaking for a quick dinner. B is still keeping east coast hours so he met us around 3 when he was done with work! We still think Sam’s Family Hot Springs is the best (the price! weather, location, cleanliness, mineral quality and content, and the fact that they drain the pools every night and refill every morning and don’t use chlorine!) — but Ouray’s springs were fun because you’re surrounded by mountains, the pools are huge, and then there’s an activity pool with an obstacle course and climbing walls for the kids.

Here’s Daddy B vs AB on the course:

Here’s E vs RR (E has her own story of overcoming here! To be able to go into the bigger pools the kids needed to pass a swim test. Of course as my kiddos they all know how to swim 😊 but E was intimidated and lacking confidence the first day. It looked like fear had won and it wasn’t a happy day for her – but after lots of praying and scripture reading and talking, she tried again on our 2nd day there and she rocked it! She sailed through 25 meters of free and 25 meters backstroke. You would think she won an Olympic medal from the celebration from friends and her smile. Win or lose, pass or “fail” didn’t matter. It was about not giving up and not giving in. Another victory on the road!!!)

RR and his new buddy:

Speaking of buddies, we found more amazing travel families throughout the week to chat with and for the kids to enjoy. We are so grateful for those interactions 😊

After both days at the hot springs B and I definitely felt like we were detoxing / dehydrated and slept like logs each night. All this fresh air has been so great for us and I am getting record-breaking amount of steps most days. Right next to our RV Park (Ouray RV) there’s a walking path to the hot springs and into town and then a 2 mile loop around the river the other direction. I enjoyed those walks so much by myself and with the family.

Here’s an eye spy for you. Can you see the old mining shacks? I think we spotted 4 up there!

On my birthday we did walk one section of Ourays Perimeter Trail from the visitor center to cascade falls. On Thursday the kids and I were determined to finish the rest. We started at Cascade Falls (8th street) and went south.

I have figured out the trick for AB! One tiny piece of candy every 30 minutes. She made it 4 miles without any complaining!

It also helped that this hike was for Lily! Some of our besties, the Walkers, have been through a lot the last few years. They are so special to us! They are great testimonies of how to get through hard things with love. So this hike was for them. Annabelle pushed through to honor you, Lily!

Walkers – you would have loved the views and I bet Reese and Lily would have loved the chipmunks:

And this fun tunnel on the trail:

We love you Walkers! Miss you!

Here are some more views from the trail…

Baby Bath Tubs Trail:

I stand corrected. The kids say this is the house from Alice in Wonderland, not Hansel and Gretel’s:

High Point area:

Box Canyon corner:

Here are some sights we passed as we came down the mountain and back into town. What a gorgeous house:

Ouray from the west:

River through town:

All the buildings from the late 1800s are so interesting to me. Like this one:

We also enjoyed a free concert in the park one evening but I was having so much fun chatting I only got one silly pic haha.

And that finishes off our time in Ouray! Thanks Ouray for all the memories – you’re a cute and special little town.

We’re now in Moab celebrating Mr B’s 39th Bday today (the 23rd!). And we’re back into scorching heat. We like to mix it up – Mountains. Desert. Mountains. Desert!

Thank y’all for following! I wish you were here 😊.

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  1. Kathy Tobias

    I just marvel at what ya’ll have experienced and the beauty you’ve encountered. Thank you so much for sharing your life changing trip with us!!

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