Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

(Today is RR’s 13th bday!!! I can’t believe it. Will write more about it later in the week but we are headed to Dinosaur National Monument for his day! He is such a special kid with such a special relationship with the Lord. We are so grateful God chose us to parent him! Message or text us some words of wisdom for this young man as he enters teenager-hood if you feel led.)

For our 2nd adventure with MomMom and cousin IE we went to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. We were actually supposed to stay in this area of Montrose and Black Canyon a few weeks ago but when Bryce’s snow changed our plans we decided to reroute and save this park to do with our special visitors! It was definitely meant to be.

It was an hour 45 from Palisade but an easy drive and the girls were so happy to get more time to chat. They really wanted to just chill together but we wanted to do these adventures on the weekend when B could come too!

This park was gorgeous and not too crowded! It’s definitely one of my faves now. The fact that the temp was in the 80s and not over 100 was so refreshing as well!

The first viewpoint (Tomichi Point) was gorgeous!

Next, we stopped at the visitor’s center to get our Junior Ranger books and see Gunnison point viewpoint. It’s such a narrow and deep canyon – so different from the Grand Canyon! It’s hard to even get the sky and river in the same pic. The river was loud!

As far as wildlife we saw this cutie:

And were pretty amazed and grossed out (?) by these pelts of the animals found in the park:

At Painted Wall View – AB nailed it on the head! She said it looks like a steak 😊. Those white streaks that look like marbled steak are actually igneous rock that was pushed up into cracks and then hardened!

Chasm View:

We saw on the map that there was a hike called Warner Point Trail so that was definitely our goal and hike choice for the day! Cousin IE’s last name is Warner!!!

Views from the trail:

And here’s the end of the trail / Warner Point:

This Trail was named after Mark Warner who came to Montrose in 1917 to pastor the Montrose Presbyterian Church. Like so many places in the wide-open west, the Canyon amazed and touched Warner and he dreamed to help many others find the same connection with His Creator that he did there. It was Warner’s vision and commitment that would preserve the canyon for future generations and eventually turn it into a national park!

Cousin IE found a very special place to place her #livelikeRobbydid rock in honor of her very loved uncle Robby (same last name Warner!) that went to be with the Lord this year. He was an outdoor lover, very active, and a kind soul. It was such a beautiful overlook – I bet the Lord was smiling down big on IE and her sweet spirit!

We were really touched by the trail guide and how it related to Robby Warner. Like this part here:

We are so thankful that Uncle Robby knew the Lord Jesus and his family has the hope and peace of being together in perfect eternity!

I encourage you to visit the cute and friendly town of Montrose and Black Canyon of the Gunnison. There’s a special peace here.

(Jr Ranger # 20!)

Thanks for following. Now let me go get out all my crying before the birthday boy wakes up! I can’t believe I have a teenage son!

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  1. Hunter Yankee 17

    Happy birthday Raymond! Also, good to see you still wearing that Yankees hat. Glad you guys are having fun.

  2. The Hurst’s

    Happy birthday to you RR! What a great way to spend your 13th birthday. One I am sure you won’t forget. Enjoy!

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