Jordanelle Reservoir Part 1 (Park City, Utah)

We’ve been near Park City, Utah for a week now and we are loving it.

When we climbed up out of the desert for the last time in 2019 and stopped at this beautiful lodge for lunch last Sunday, I was so thankful!!!

I loved the RR, E, and AB cubs up there on the sign! I was in tears because I was so happy for the reprieve from dry heat and seeing mostly-browns and tans. Haha. I sat outside at that lunch table looking at all the grass and pines just whistling and smiling like a Disney character! Basically I felt like AB looks:

Technically the area we just left was a “semi arid climate” not true desert – but it was desert enough and I was really ready for some different scenes. We’ve mostly stayed in sandy, dry, hot places since March. We’ve seen the most beautiful places and truly enjoyed it – but it was time to move on! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here was our first look at “home” for the next 2 weeks!

Yes yes yes!

We love this view and the cool air at night (and mornings) feels so amazing! Even though it got up to 90 the first few days it didn’t feel like it because of the breeze. It’s just been such a great week! Here’s our view from the other side – the ski slopes of Deer Valley!

It didn’t take us long to put the (inflatable) kayak in as soon as we landed!

We are water people. Always have been and always will be! ๐Ÿ™‚ It has been such a treat to be so close to this reservoir and even though my lips are still hurting and healing from the desert…. I can’t NOT smile at these morning views.

B has been loving the office view too! (And getting on the water as soon as work is over)

AB and I have both loved reading in our beds and looking out at our views!

The kiddos love the tent pad on our space and RR has enjoyed his bedroom being outside again ๐Ÿ™‚

Look at the sunrise on our first morning:

We mostly hang at the area right by Woody but there are other “beach” areas in the park like this one. I have to use that term loosely because there’s no sand just pebbles and stones:

The girls always find a way to make a “house”:

We decided to go ahead and get a 2nd inflatable kayak (they’re such a great deal at Walmart!) knowing that we will use them in NC. It was great to be able to go all together and go out further! The kids and I took them across the reservoir and had a picnic lunch on the other side. It was such a great day! The kids and water were peaceful, it was the perfect temp, and the only thing missing was Daddy!

Daddy’s up in there working hard:

As soon as he was off on Friday – we ate an early dinner and hit the water! We found a little island to have our dessert on and enjoy AB’s antics:

This is such a gorgeous area! We’re only about 15 minutes from Park City. We went there for ice cream one night and saw the Lion King (which we loved!!!!) on a rainy day. It’s such a cute town. Here’s a statue of the Olympic torch. Many events from the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics were held right here in Park City (more on this later!):

(woops I caught everybody mid- chew haha. We really all were happy!)

We have really been looking forward to this stop and it’s been a great gift!

And of course we’ve had some beautiful skies!

What a beautiful summer week!!! We have one more week here then we head to Idaho!

3 thoughts on “Jordanelle Reservoir Part 1 (Park City, Utah)

  1. This whole trip should be inspiring to families caught up in the noise! I still see a coffee table book. “The Art of Recapturing Family. A year off the grid.!” Or Home-schoooling on the Road.”. ( Sorry, I turn every life experience into a book. ). OK, you have the most beautiful family…there are just NO ugly pictures! What’s up with that? Love you so much!

    1. I love that ! Recapturing family ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Š . Itโ€™s funny you said that about the noise because thatโ€™s exactly what weโ€™ve been talking about this week again with the kiddos . What a gift to just have quiet of heart mind and body. I pray these seeds and lessons will bless the kids for their whole life! Love you!

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