Homestead Crater, Salt Lake City, and Utah Olympic Park

For our adventure on Saturday we went to Homestead Crater, a geothermal spring a few miles away in Midway, Utah. A mom at the playground in Vernal told us about this hot spring and it sounded very cool. I’m so glad she mentioned it because it’s by reservation only and books a week out. Ever since Big Bend in March, we are huge hot springs fans! This is our 4th spring to visit…. Big Bend, Sams in Desert Hot Springs, Ouray and now Homestead Crater.

In our budget each month we allot a certain amount to “adventures”. These have taken the place of our field trips and extra curriculars! It truly is such a gift to have these experiences and we have even learned to enjoy budgeting together and deciding together which adventures to go for. (I can hear B laughing out loud right now as he reads that. So to clarify when I say we “enjoy” budget discussions, I mean we do not discuss in a loud and passionate way like we used to hahaha).

The Crater was formed as melting snow from the Wasatch mountains seeped deep into the earth. 2 miles below the surface the water heated up and then percolated upward, picking up minerals as it went and then depositing them on the surface forming a volcano-like limestone mound aka Homestead Crater. Here’s some more details on that for the science lovers:

The hole at the top of the dome let’s in air and light and the water stays around 94 degrees. I think they said the water goes about 65 feet down so it’s a hot spot for scuba divers. Their claim to fame is that it’s the only warm scuba diving destination in the continental US. That’s enough facts! Check it out:

The kids were so well behaved and it was another great experience! We even got complements from the other “soakers” that the kids were so respectful, happy, and not disruptive. 🙂 Thank you Lord! They really are amazing kiddos!!! When I’m an older and mature lady I have to remember how far those little bits of encouragement go and give them plentifully when I see well behaved families!

Here are the views from the top of the crater:

Midway is such a pretty area right near Heber City, Park City, and the reservoir where we are staying.

And Homestead Resort, where the crater is, has a rich history and is on the national registry of historic places. It’s been in operation for over 125 years – started by immigrants from Switzerland. This area reminded the Schneitter family of home in Switzerland and they had much success farming here. In 1886 Mr Schneitter found the hot spring and soon after, he and his wife Fanny started welcoming guests for a soak and meal and that tradition continues today as Homestead Resort.

After enjoying this area, we showered and headed to Salt Lake City which is about 45 minutes away. We found free parking at the mall right near Temple Square and enjoyed walking around and talking. We had a super yummy dinner at an Italian restaurant!

I took the best pictures of the “castle” (Mormon temple) and flowers around it but I deleted them all by accident when I formatted my card too quickly. The only pic I got was this one on my phone. It cracked me up because it looked like these visitors were at a zoo as they watched the newly married couples behind the gates on the temple steps:

More important than the pictures though were the amazing conversations we had with RR about Mormonism, our Christian faith, grace, temples, traditions, the deity of Jesus, the true gospel! Wow his heart was wide open and he was asking the best questions. I absolutely loved it. This is truly what this is all about! The space and time… and also the relationship equity built up… just to have an hour like that. What a special night!

SLC is really pretty. I loved the trees! (Woops only pic I got walking was blurry)

After wandering around the temple square area, we walked up to the Capitol and had some great basic lessons with the girls on civics. What a gorgeous night!

We loved the views from the steps looking out:

The kids continue to get more and more energy as we continue on this trip. We were ready to rest but they were ready to race up and down the stairs!

I’m sure B and I used to be like that…. I just don’t remember when haha

We ended the night with Cheesecake Factory and I think I created 4 new cheesecake lovers! It was soo good. We split the original with strawberry (E’s fave), keylime (RR and my fave), and Reese’s (AB and B fave):

On Sunday we visited Risen Life Church in SLC because B knew the children’s minister from high school. It was a refreshing time and I loved the corporate singing and the message from Acts. Of course it went along well with what the Lord has been teaching us together. Acts is what we will be studying in BSF this school year by the way! If you’re not in a Bible study I highly recommend it! To answer the question about church on the road that many ask… my simple answer is that we believe family is the first church unit so we are experiencing church life! The Lord has been faithful to keep us connected to His people back at home and on the road and keep us well-watered and learning! We do miss community life in person with our close brothers and sisters but we know this is a season. Would love to talk further about this and how the Lord keeps us watered-well with those that are curious.

After our time with Risen Life, we headed back to the Olympic Training Center to see the flying aces stunt show!

It was very cool! It made us want to see the Olympics in person. I can’t believe how high they go – they are truly gifted!

Here are 2 videos but of course it’s better in person! The youngest athlete performing was 10!:

I’m sure AB would have asked for autographs if she had a pen!

I remember watching the Olympics in 2002 and loved re-reading some of the stories!

And my logistics / planning side just was so intrigued by what it takes to coordinate and host the Olympics games!!! If I had to have a job, I think doing project management for fun events like the Olympics would be it! Maybe in eternity the Lord will let me help plan some amazing spectacles for Him… 😉

Thanks for following! It was another great summer weekend and we are truly grateful.

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