Glacier NP – Baring Falls, St Mary’s Falls, Virginia Falls

Saturday we woke up in our tent (in St Mary’s Campground in Glacier), had a camping breakfast, and were off to see more falls which seem to be our fave things these days. This hike was truly so great – probably our fave of the whole trip! Definitely top 3!

We started at Sunrift Gorge. (By the way, FYI, there are free shuttles in the park that stop at the campgrounds but we were up early enough we found a spot at Sunrift Gorge parking area!)

Here’s the slot canyon at the top of the hill.

We loved all the rock colors as we headed down hill.

Next up was Baring Falls, in a quiet little neck of the woods.

From B to y’all:

Then the hike takes you along St Mary Lake which was so gorgeous.

(Poor RR was battling really nasty congestion all weekend so if he’s missing in pics it’s because he had to save all his energy for moaning hiking!)

2 of our 3 kiddos forgot again how the hiking destinations are always worth the hike, but the Lord helped us push through again by sending these adorable cuties at the perfect time!

Can you see the little baby face waiting for his Mommy to catch up?

So adorbs!

And they gave us some last looks before they went out of sight:

They looked like little bunnies when they got in that brush:

Those dear deers got us through to St Mary’s Falls which was too cool!!! Humans are always trying to duplicate beauty like this but the Lord makes the best in nature!!!

A double fall!

The color of the water was amazing!!! It looked Disney-fake! So blue even when it was coming down!

Isn’t that color amazing!? I didn’t have any filter on these shots – just a regular snap!

What motivated us to persevere and finish the hike past this point was the sign that said there was a pit toilet at the end! 🙂

So off we went…

to the finale…which was Virginia Falls!!!

So beautiful!

We started at the bottom and worked our way up the different landings.

It was so relaxing and there was just so much to take in. What a gift to not worry about time… we had nowhere to be at any certain time…. we could spend as little or as much time as we wanted to at each stop. It’s been one of the best gifts of this trip!!! We’ve had so many chances to not let time be a factor in decisions and truly just be present and free.

Here we are at the highest point / end of the trail:

What a great hike! We loved the progression from the little canyon at the gorge….then increasingly bigger falls. We loved that the path was along water almost the whole way and those deers appeared when it wasn’t!

It was such a beautiful day in so many ways.

With 20 miles of hiking in 2 days under our belt, it was time for a treat. E loves cheesecake and this huckleberry one was the best!

We enjoyed our evening around the tent (we had to carry it over to the spot next to us… even though nobody showed at the previous one. Who are all these people that take up all these reservations and don’t show and don’t cancel !? Booooo)

AB got to douse the fire. Look at her:

She is such a character!!!

Sunday we were going to hike again but it was too rainy and there was no parking when we got to Logan Pass….so we just took the Going to the Sun Road home to Woody!

It was a great weekend!

When it comes down to it…. tent camping is a great little adventure for once in awhile. But I am perfectly content with the type of camping when I get to bring my house (including my bed) with me. 🙂

There’s nothing like a weekend in a tent to make your trailer feel huge and luxurious! I spent a good portion of Sunday laying in my comfy bed.

Thanks for following! I can’t believe August is almost over!!!!!

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