WhiteFish Mountain Ski Resort

To finish off our 4-day weekend (previous posts here and here), on Monday we went to WhiteFish Mountain Resort for some mountain fun!

We feel so fortunate that we’ve had such amazing weather this whole trip. We don’t take it for granted and we truly are so thankful! It seems that every place we’ve been, the locals have said to us, “wow what a perfect year and time to visit here because… xyz.” Whether it be the great temps and lack of rain when we’re at a place, or the winter of rain that preceded our visit which produced the super blooms, or the great amount of winter snow before we arrived that created so many waterfalls and such rich green. There are so many examples of how it was the perfect year for us to travel! The Lord has worked out every detail for us and without even knowing what we were doing, we were right where we should be each stop of the way. Even the few days of cold or rain we did have were a welcome rest! I’m just amazed!

Isn’t that amazing how He does that for each of us!? In some seasons it’s harder to see than others but oh if we could just rest and trust in His hand. Like we’re learning through our hikes… the end result is always worth the valleys and hard times! He truly is the perfect author and He works all things for our good (Rom 8:28). We’re so thankful!!!

I say all that just to communicate that at the ski resort, a local lady was telling us (well actually she was talking to the girls haha. The girls are getting great at chatting with strangers) that this was the first year she could remember in a long time that there were such clear skies because finally there were no surrounding wildfires carrying over smoke. We had heard that from other Montana-ans (what do you call a person from Montana?) that we met in Idaho! Oh it was such a gorgeous day!!!! We all loved it!!!

The girls heading down:

We started off with the alpine slide. Here we are getting ready:

and there goes RR :

Here’s a part of our first ride. Woops I thought I recorded it longer haha my bad:

Then the 4 cuties were up the ski lift for round 2:

Here’s the face you make when Daddy went full throttle the whole time for you:

And here’s the face you make when the lady in front of you used her brakes the whole time so you had a granny-ride:

They were cracking me up! Very expressive haha

3rd time was the charm though and they figured it out ! I was proud of AB for going by herself. I took pics from the ski lift this time!

After riding up for tailgate lunch, B and the kiddos did the ropes course which was one of the best we’ve seen!

The girls have grown in confidence and strength so much. Even though it seemed so overwhelming at first with how to unlock one clip and how these hi-tech clips alternate lock / unlocking – they figured it out right away and by the end it was just like a walk in the park!

All 4 practiced on the yellow course first:

And before you know it they had the hang of it and went higher and to more difficult courses all full of smiles!

They all loved the zip lines the most:

It really was a great course with lots of unique “obstacles” and was nice and shady. They looked like animals playing in the trees.

I loved how RR cheered on E each step of the way and was a great leader for her to buddy with!!!

They were exhausted after all that but we still had a ticket for the scenic lift.

And wow !!!!!!!!! What amazing views. One of the prettiest we’ve ever seen ever!

Wow wow wow

B and I loved this 4 day weekend together so much and this was the perfect ending to it .

We finally successfully wore out RR. So much so that he almost fell asleep on the chair lift on the way down!

We are thankful, happy campers!

9 thoughts on “WhiteFish Mountain Ski Resort

  1. They are fearless. Just as they learned how to maneuver the locks and harnesses, etc and experience the thrill….good lesson in God providing our “harness” of safety and trust him. That we’ll experience life as a great adventure, not to be feared. Wow! Life lessons, always. Love you!

  2. Wendy L. Hemphill

    Wow wow wow. Is right.
    This will be your biggest learning year of all your homeschool years ever.
    This stuff was right up B’s alley.
    The smile on his face !! Haha…too much fun.

  3. Shann

    Did you see the articles that the northern lights may be visible in the USA this week? Thatโ€™d be amazing. Montana is one of the states mentioned!

  4. Gramkracker

    Tay says you can tell AB is concentrating and focused when she sticks out her tongue!! Gma says looks like loads of fun!!

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