Glacier NP & Kalispell – Final Recap

Rocky Mountain Hi in Kalispell Montana (oops lol I originally had down Minnesota. Wrote this post too early in the day lol ) was a cute, family-run RV park. There were so many kids to play with (the girls’ faves were 2 sisters that are their same ages and from NC!)

And they really enjoyed the playground (AB still has dreams of becoming a trapeze artist)

They especially enjoyed the cute little western town!

They role-played in there a lot! Each day they played, the girls swept each store (with branches) and scrubbed the front porches down with a bucket of water from the “crick”. They also decorated each one!!! They had a smoke house, a root cellar, hen house, and much more . πŸ™‚

They all really loved swimming and playing in the crick the most though! They caught crawdads, splashed around, and made boats out of twigs and duct tape to race! I think at one point they had 7 kids building and racing with them hehe.

Isn’t all of this so cute!? It was great wholesome summer fun! The only thing that could make it better would be to have our cousins and friends with us πŸ˜‰ .

There are many Canadians in this area and park. Most of our neighbors have been Albertans so B and I can’t stop saying “ay-ee?” after everything we say to each other lol. Those western Canadians are super friendly and we have enjoyed chatting with them.

I have 3 last adventures to share from our 2 weeks here. 2 hikes in Glacier and 1 drive near Hungry Horse (yes that’s really a place haha).

At Hungry Horse, we visited the dam there (oops no pics of the dam itself but it was cool!) one night and drove through portions of the Flathead National Forest as the sun was setting. Again – Montana is so gorgeous!!! The colors and peace & quiet are so beautiful!

Look at the color of the water in this cove:

Another afternoon we went back to Glacier to hike at Howe’s Lake. Wow it was very quiet and again…. beautiful! What a gift to be out in nature knowing we’re the only humans for miles and miles. The kids don’t appreciate it as much as B & I do and that’s okay. We did practice our 5 minutes of quiet and are getting much better!

This hike was through a portion of the park that was burned in a wildfire last year but the wild flowers and everything growing back made it even more colorful and pretty.

Look at the bottom of this tree trunk. So weird!! It looks like an elephant trunk:

There were lots of pretty birds on this hike. I really felt these birds were responding to my whistles. I hope I didn’t offend them or use foul language!

The burned trees were wild looking and some of them really could fall any second. Look at this one with the hole through the trunk. It took lots of convincing to get RR to not knock them down.

It ended up being a much longer hike than we meant for it to be. Woops! And we were all quite miserable lol but finally we saw water! It was so quiet and beautiful out there.

Oh!!!! One thing I love about this area I keep meaning to mention! There are no poisonous snakes! I’m thankful I didn’t have to watch my steps with great fear care like I do on NC hikes.

We saw beautiful birds taking baths or were they drinking? They were super fast!

This was the last day of hot weather that I think we will have for the rest of the year!!! So-long sweaty, scorching days of 2019! I’ve loved you but it’s time to move on.

And finally…. we had one last adventure in Glacier before leaving Saturday morning for the Yellowstone area!!!!!

We went to get our Jr Ranger badges (#23!) and go on a last hike. We chose Johns Lake Loop. It was a quiet, woodsy hike. The part we liked most was when it looped back to McDonald Creek so we could see more beautiful colors and enjoy some little falls.

We saw these pretty horses crossing the bridge:

RR could sit and watch water forever:

And he enjoyed more practice skipping rocks. He really is good.

This cutie walked right behind us and was big but fast so I couldn’t catch a non-blurry pic! Aren’t their ears so big and adorable?

And now we are officially headed back toward NC! It will still take us 2 months but in Glacier we were the furthest away we will be – so now we are headed south and east and closer to NC each stop. Here’s what the rest of our route looks like:

14 more stops to go! We are still loving this amazing adventure!!! But we also are really getting excited to see our family and friends, go for walks on our beach!, eat different dinners then we’ve been eating on the road, take baths, and eat good seafood….among other things haha!

Right now we’re in Yellowstone having the best time with some special visitors! Thanks for your prayers and support. πŸ™‚

And please pray that Hurricane Dorian veers far off to sea and if not …. for those that will be in its path. I pray they have wisdom to evacuate if they can and should and that they would know God’s love and peace. It’s been almost exactly a year since Hurricane Florence.

God is good and uses all things for our good (ROM 8:28).

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