Nesting into a House Again

It’s been 3 weeks since we got home to our “new” house and I must say we are truly enjoying ourselves and are so full of thankfulness! The first days were a bit overwhelming as we dealt with all it entails to “start over” in many ways —- but the Lord (as always) was so faithful and any moments of frustration having to run to the store yet again for xyz —- easily disappeared anytime we went back over this bridge to head home. 🥰

I still can’t believe we live here! Every time we go for a walk or bike ride I still cheese the entire time.

Being back into community and with our loving friends old and new has been truly wonderful. What a gift it is to know and be known. Like we learned about on the road … people are truly all that matters in the end. It’s such a blessing to be able to freely share about the Lord and life and go into depth of conversation without any hesitation! I don’t have pictures from all our dinners and times with friends and guests but heres some of a very special family! 🥰

R2 was so excited to come back to guy friends to play sports with.

And we love our homeschool community so much!!!

At our homeschool group last week the kiddos did a show n tell and chose to talk a little bit about the road trip. AB chose to talk about fave wild animals on the road, E talked about Yellowstone animals, and R2 chose Yellowstone hydrothermals. I think they could probably do a slideshow and talk for each state! Who else wants to hear them speak!? 😊 They did so amazing. We’re so proud of them and all the Lords doing in them!

We have nested very well and are almost entirely settled already. R2 is Mr Organizer and has loved finding places for all our things like this bike corner under the house:

Our first dance party happened within 48 hours of arriving home!

We did paint the island – here’s the before and after:

And we put together a ridiculous amount of things haha. We are all pros now:

And I must say even though things are just things …. we do appreciate the little things so much right now. For example – having a washer and dryer in our kitchen ! I never thought I’d be thankful for that. Not having to do laundry across a campground – Omgoodness I love it! I love laundry! Or how about a soft rug to step onto from the shower – oh my goodness. I have a list of these things that go through my head every day. I am even enjoying sweeping and wiping down and cleaning. I understand other women naturally appreciate these things but it was never natural to me haha. Somebody remind me of how I feel right now about sweeping after a summer full of sandy everything 😊.

Homeschooling is going so so great! All of us are loving being organized and having our checklists and routines each day. Yes – being on the road with new adventures all the time and learning out n about was truly amazing . But this is truly amazing too ! 😊

We’re learning and growing and re- forming great new disciplines and routines. The kids and I love schedules and checking things off the list. We’re even getting extra time and space to do our specials like dance art music strength building etc:

And my best homeschooling decision ever — Daddy took over Algebra!!! B really is a gifted teacher! And math is one of his strengths. I was done with all the “bonding” R2 and I were getting through Algebra. This is just working out so well so far for everybody.

Here we are headed to Literature class:

I loved it !!!

It was pretty amazing to have a “reset” and “cleansing” in life like we have. I pray we will keep the perspective we have right now and that we won’t lose our thankfulness and the lessons we learned these last 2 years. We believe that the Lord will keep us traveling and exploring and may even say GO again on a longer journey eventually….but for now… can you hear the sigh right here?

Thank you all for supporting and loving us. It’s ALL a fun adventure when done with the Lord at the helm.

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  1. Pam Mullen

    So glad you are finally settled again! I know it was a good year but there is so much value in being in your on home, with your family nearby, with your church family!
    Brandon, you rock that algebra!!!

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