“Social Distancing” – again

What a crazy time in history. Yet for us Rookies- it’s not TOO crazy. We are just doing what we did all last year: homeschooling, B working from home, and staying far from friends! Haha

God’s timing has been so perfect. We are so grateful our adventure around the country was last year and not this year. We are so thankful that before we social-distanced because of this Coronavirus —- we got SO much special time with our loving community. It has been truly great to spend time with friends that we longed for all year long! After a wonderful month with friends… our daily routine has simply fallen back to what it was like on the road.

For those families that find themselves in close quarters together without their friends, without their normal routines, and without their usual calendar-filling activities…. here’s some encouragement from some experts:

  • Pray… a lot! Pray for each of your family members and ask for Gods help in daily routines. Pray for patience and grace with each other
  • Every morning —- spend focused time praising the Lord and dwelling on His love. He will fill you up with enough love and mercy to pass to others!
  • When we have a lot more time and space to actual see and think about our behaviors, relationships, and areas we need to work on in our family… we can be so discouraged. But don’t be! Trust in the Lord! Parents – simply focus on YOUR example and your reactions to any whining fighting or misbehavior. BE the change you want to see! You can’t control and fix everything wrong in your kiddos . Just LOVE those kiddos, discipline them consistently in firm but loving ways, and BE the example of love gentleness peace and calm.
  • Trust in Gods grace and mercy found in Jesus. His love truly does cover all wrongs and He will help you make progress being a loving and sweet family even in little sin incubators (like a 33 foot trailer).
  • Know when it’s time to yell “take a hike” . Literally . Know when it’s time to put all the cleaning and learning aside and just get outside into the fresh air! Spend as much time outdoors as possible!
  • If you’re privileged enough to be at home with your family …. count your blessings! What an amazing opportunity for many families to slow down, bond closer together, and take a step back from “normal life”. Here’s a chance to re-evaluate priorities and commitments and routines…. but mostly what a great chance to JUST BE together. I pray for a revival as people slow down a bit and I hope that so many people will recommit to the Lord, draw near to His heart, and be FULL of His love to pass on to others!
  • If y’all are looking for some practical advice on daily routines at home, or homeschooling – message me!

Love y’all! Stay calm and safe!

Here are some views from around our “new” house:

And here’s some of the special friend time (and a very cool field trip to Fedex) we got before we before we distanced:

We are so thankful for all the outside time we are getting in this beautiful place. It still doesn’t feel real that we live here. I’m SO grateful!!!

P.S. I am so grateful to be off social media for 2020! Although it can be a great resource… I can only imagine the anxiety it is producing for so many right now. After 2.5 months off – I can say already that I highly recommend it.

One thought on ““Social Distancing” – again

  1. Wendy L. Hemphill

    He never ceases to amaze me in His timing and how He cares for His kids.
    Love the hammocks ! One of my favorite things.
    Can’t imagine living in such beauty.

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