“Stay At Home” Reflections

Warning: random thoughts ahead. But in this historical time, I want to record some of the things I am thinking about!

1 – The Messages We Send To Our Families

What a gift to be able to stay at home with our families. I want to remember this daily. I am with my loved ones and I am not called out to the “front lines”. I am home. Though the toilet paper is running low and I still haven’t found a store that has any stocked – all my needs are met. I saw this reminder on a little Time Capsule project a friend sent me… we aren’t “stuck at home”, we are “safe at home”. What a great opportunity to show our kiddos how much we DO love and cherish them and that we don’t feel “stuck with them”.

Be careful of the message you’re sending the people around you. Choose your words wisely. Even your disposition. It really does impact little ones especially — and your family’s dynamics — if your family repeatedly hears you lamenting being with them…. or if you bring a negative annoyed discouraged energy to every day together. We can lament over not being with family / friends AND at the same time be grateful to be together with who we ARE with! We can lament over the hard things AND communicate how we love and are SO thankful that we have each other! I think it’s even healthy for a mommy to lament over specific things like the sibling rivalries they have to referee…. but the overall message absolutely can be, “I love you all, I want to be with you!” If that’s not true of your heart … pray pray pray for the Lord to give you that love for your family. And don’t trust feelings too much. Feelings aren’t always trustworthy… especially in global pandemics, I’m finding.

2 – New Social Norms:

Yesterday was the first time I went to the grocery store where it just felt weird. It didn’t feel normal and I felt like I had entered into a new culture and wasn’t quite sure of the social norms. It’s like we’ve entered a different country and are unsure of the social “rules” and what is expected. So it makes you overthink everything and be aware of every move. I’m afraid to get too close to somebody or offend or break a new rule at check out. With the masks, plexi glass between me and the workers, bagging my own things, signs showing me where to enter, exit, and stand…. it just didn’t feel like America. It definitely brought out the side of my personality that’s self-conscious and made me feel like *I* was the contaminated one. I wonder again psychologically what affect all of this is going to have on us as a people. The sociologist in me is just fascinated by all of this. The side of me living it just wants to cry.

3 – Politics and the Press

I intentionally went off social media for 2020 and specifically have avoided political engagement the last years… but I gotta say I’m locked into the press conferences and have truly been thankful to hear from our leaders and experts directly. I think it’s been incredible to have the platform for direct information and direct question and answer with the press. Forget reading interpretations or summaries after the fact…I’ll take the time at night to listen directly to the briefings.

4 – Just A Season

We had a lot of experience last year of being far from friends and loved ones… so we’ve experienced being “socially distanced” from community. Because of that, I have the perspective that this is just a season and will be over before we know it. This is very different of course because it’s heartbreaking to see the lives lost and altered. And it’s very different than last year when every day on the road was a new adventure of amazing sights and experiences…. but I am able to apply the same lessons the Lord gave me last year to this time. “Focus on today. Don’t miss this. It will be over before you know it.”

Yes this feels like a long process with so much uncertainty… and it’s really testing everybody’s patience and ability to wait… but it will pass… and I wonder – will Americans actually miss anything about this time?

Hopefully we all come out with renewed passion and perspective about what is truly most important in life. The Lord and people.

5 – Humbling Times

Something the Lord is showing me through this is how much work is still needed in me. Lots of areas of growth are now apparent more than ever. I don’t have anything else to say about that haha. I just think He is using this to shine so much LIGHT on so many things in families, cultures, and politics!!! His LIGHT was such a theme for us and some of our Church family in the weeks leading up to “all of this”. Very interesting!!!

6 – The Children’s Place in Society

I would love if the Lord uses these times to show people that children are true blessings and that we don’t need to constantly separate them from us. Are we learning how to let children be part of our daily lives and that we don’t need to continually separate ourselves by age !? Even in our churches!? I pray so.

7 – Connection to Nature

And finally. Is everybody noticing the nature around us more!? The birds seem SO loud each morning and night (and all day long). The sun seems so bright. I’m literally even watching the trees and grass in our yard grow each day hahaha. I love this closer connection with nature and I pray many are experiencing it. I feel for those in urban areas that can’t get out… I pray the Lord sends birds or pretty clouds or something to each child (and adult) sitting at an apartment window looking out. I pray children are spending time being “bored” at the window and are not just filling up every minute with technology. 🙁

I didn’t want to share these pictures when everybody else was stuck at home and we had the freedom to be at the beach. But now that they’ve closed the beaches even for walking… I want to share.

The Lord had me crying with thankfulness SO many days when social distancing had started and He just gave us so much beauty at the beach. We were the only ones out there SO many mornings and nights. I pray if anybody reads this – you will take these beautiful scenes as assurance for His love for YOU too. The way He loves one of His children- He loves all.

Enjoy the beauty He has created for us to enjoy. We will be back out there soon enough!

One day I was walking and a whale breeched out of the water !!! Y’all I was beside myself. There was a lady there that saw it with me and we were like little girls giggling and telling everybody to watch! I followed those whales for over an hour. Just praising the Lord and DELIGHTING!!! I didn’t catch a breech again but I did catch some videos. This is one of my faves to see their size compared to the pier.

Woops I had the wrong video at first. Try this one:

I think it was the next day I went back with my camera in hand! I didn’t see any more whales but there were dolphins SO close to shore! I followed them back and forth for who knows how long! At least an hour. I really believe they saw me and were watching me too!!!!

Our daily lives have drastically changed. There’s so much uncertainty. Things feels weird. There’s new social norms to figure out. But the birds are still singing. The grass is still growing. The dolphins and whales are still swimming. The seasons are still changing. God is good ! And He will use this all for the good of those who love Him! Love love love!

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  1. Wendy L. Hemphill

    As always, thanks for the encouragement !!
    Can’t believe residents can’t walk on the beach.

  2. Pam Mullen

    I’m so glad you are back home during all this instead of on the road trip. God knew that! Thanks for sharing. I especially agree with 1…and 2…and 3…oh well, all of them! Blessings

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