The Florida Keys – Part 3 – Bahia Honda State Park

We spent 2 days at Bahia Honda State Park and had such a great time! It’s really a small state park but full of beauty and adventures. We would have loved to camp here (they have plenty of tent and RV sites) but they book out 11 months ahead of time and fill up very quickly.

Our first day at Bahia we rented 2 kayaks. They don’t allow anybody under 18 to go in their own vessel (regardless of experience) which would have been a real bummer for us but fortunately we had packed our inflatable paddle board so RR was able to go on that so we could all go out together.

It was *gorgeous* out with low winds coming from the north so the Atlantic-facing side was so amazing. Being in the hot sun felt sooo good! The water was so clear and gorgeous.

We were so fortunate because there was one area of the state park that had been damaged by a hurricane and was still under repair so access to that beach was closed via roads…. But they weren’t working on it when we went so we were able to land there and have the whole area to ourselves. The water really is chilly in January but the sun is hot enough it makes swimming possible! We had such a great time snorkeling and finding HUGE conch shells and beach treasures!!!

Back on the kayaks and paddle board RR spotted a huge manta ray. His vantage point from standing really gave him a great view! I saw one as well but from so close to the water it was just a moving big shadow. Later on in the journey RR and I saw another huge ray jump out of the water!

It wasn’t easy to paddle on the side of the island where the wind was coming from but it was great exercise and such a great morning.

The concession area serves Edys ice cream so after some beach time we enjoyed some cones and walked up to the historic bridge to check out that view:

B loves hawks so we loved that the Lord let him see this guy:

The rest of that day was spent enjoying the beach , snorkeling in the shallow water, and even a gorgeous sunset. Such a great day full of some of our favorite things!

The 2nd day at Bahia was my FAVE day of the trip! We scheduled a snorkel adventure which leaves from Bahia and goes to Loee Key – which is really not a Key but a coral reef that’s part of the Sanctuary that runs all along the keys.

We called about 5 days ahead to book this adventure – but they do take some walk ins each boat trip. The guides were fun and funny, the weather was perfect, the water was my fave colors in the world – it was just the best.

I. Love. Water.

I especially love it when it’s clean and clear and full of beautiful diverse sea life to enjoy! As soon as we got in the water I was smiling so big with tears of joy.

I love snorkeling so much and just love delighting with the Lord in His creation. All the different shapes sizes and colors are just SO amazing ! The Lord didn’t have to make it so wonderful – He must just delight in His artistry and loves for us to do the same 🙂 . I loved it so much and can’t wait to do more! Look at some of these beauties I caught on camera. I’m not confident I got all their names right but I tried!

Look at this green moray eel. Such an ugly face 🙂

I’m so grateful we were able to have this adventure! I was just SO happy 🙂

The rest of that day was spent enjoying the beach, more snorkeling in the shallows, playing, and reading.

At the marina where we were parked we spotted a manatee! Another great gift. He never came close enough for a picture but there’s his back and at least the parrotfish loved modeling for us.

We loved Bahia Honda and both days were just so wonderful and such a blessing! 🙂

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