The Florida Keys – Part 4 – Ft Zachary (Key West)

In between our days at Bahia Honda – we visited Ft Zachary Taylor State Historic Park, which is definitely the best beach area in Key West. This state historic park has quite a few RV parking spots which we were so grateful for. We got there nice and early and grabbed our picnic table and beach spot.

(Do NOT try to park at Ft Zachary just for the RV parking – they are very firm that this parking is for your time at Ft Zachary only…not to go explore Key West.)

There was a lot less sea grass than the other beach areas (because of the jetties) so the water color was so great! We snorkeled out around the rocks and really had some great little reef fish sightings. RR and I even saw a barracuda.

Before I forget – men – shave your mustaches! Well in my opinion there’s many reasons you should 😁 but in particular for your trip to the Keys – facial hair really breaks the seal on masks and can ruin your snorkeling . So… shave your mustaches. You’re welcome.

I love having our “home” with us at the beach. 😁 I was able to run and make sandwiches, get snacks, grab more water, use the bathroom, etc. It’s so convenient!

After playing in the shade for a bit, we strolled around the park and did some exploring:

Look at B and AB enjoying the late afternoon sun together:

The nature trail is right next to the RV parking so we walked that to get to the fort. And we finally saw our first iguanas ! Can you spot them? They’re HUGE:

We explored the historic fort and then went back for dinner and rest.

We can squeeze all of us around the table for dinner time:

I always sleep sooo good when we’re on vacation (and even when we were living full time road life!). Its so great to have mid day rest in your own bed!

We stayed for the sunset but it ended very anti climatically and clouded up at the tail end. We still had a blast together – especially AB and the way she entertains us.

Grateful for another day to enjoy the Lords creation, his story, and family time. 😁 We really love Florida’s state parks!!!

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